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~~~~Friendship & Divine Love~~~

Thank you so much Starseed,

February 11, 2010 at 10:53pm

We are all sacred beings
it is only ever our own obscurations
which prevent us
from seeing this in ourselves
and in others

When we don't see it
we then act in ignorance to it,
we can and do bring suffering
both to ourselves and others
without knowing how

We are then, at the same time
both guilty and innocent

We are like a person infected with a contagious disease
but isn't aware of it
We become the source of this suffering, the host
spreading it to others

Since we don't know we are infected
this blindness is what allows us
to pass it on to others unwittingly
Wanting to connect and integrate
we instead bring pain and suffering

For at the core of our being
is always loving kindness
always this spontaneous aspiration
to benefit both ourselves and all others
When it is covered, however,
it can lead to the opposite

When we do not really know
the root of our own suffering
we may do things in the world
that seem beneficial
but actually bring harm

It is our responsibility
to bring awareness upon ourselves
to look at those shadow areas within us
that we so much love to avert
because within that shadow
is where is hidden
the source of our own liberation
within that shadow
are all the things we fear

We push them there
to avoid seeing and dealing with them
….but avoiding dealing with them
is avoiding our own emancipation
When this becomes our living truth
it is only then
that we can become truly inspired and motivated
to go to those difficult areas,
to resolve them
untie the knot
and allow freedom to spontaneously manifest
to stop covering our own natural light
and allow it to radiate as it is meant to

Before we untie the knots,
we may think others have put them there
after we untie the knots,
we know with certainty
that we alone put them there

Our journey of freeing ourselves
is intimately tied to
the journey freeing all other sentient beings

We help each other
to make sense of these murky shadow areas
We need help going there
because there is potentially a lot of pain there
and the sharing of the journey of others
helps tremendously alleviate our own fears
as we take our own journey

When Anna and I learn something that increases our awareness,
that removes some obscuration
then we rejoice in that
and part of that rejoicing is sharing it with others here
for their own benefit
and this is the same spirit for all others here
as we benefit from their rejoicing

So we all benefit together
we are a family of sacred beings
walking towards freedom

Our generosity is rewarded
by the generosity of others
our openness is rewarded
by the openness of others
If we cannot open our hearts
and share what is truly meaningful to each of us
then we cannot help each other
to move towards our own sacred heart

Love, Light, Peace, JOY and Laughter

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