Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 7:21 AM

Nicki FINALLY noticed me!

]I really didn't know how to feel when this happened and quite frankly I don't think that I'll ever realize that this IS reality. I've always been the type of stan to tweet Nicki on Twitter whenever I think of her...which is all the time. NO, I'm not the kind of stan that is obssesed with her and always think of her in weird types of ways. I'm the type of stan that shows love to her all of the time no matter what just to attempt to let her know how she impacts some people's (mines) lives that love her. I tweeted her on October 3rd, 2011. Around 12:50PM randomly as always, stating... "Arite Nic! Now, u're talking to everyone except me, this is getting out of hand! @NICKIMINAJ". I didn't mean it in a rude way, but a playful way; alot like how she interacts with her fans. I think that she saw my tweets in the past and finally decided. "Okay, I've seen this "BrillionceMINAJ" girl a lot. Let me follow her to show her my appreciation." And followed me! I didn't even know she followed me until like 8 hours later. the only way I found out was when people she already followed checked her following list and noticed that they followed me as well and them being the kind team minaj members there are (big joke, lol) tweeted me congratulating tweets that stated "Congrats on the follow". I FREAKED OUT after I went to my followers list and saw that NICKI MINAJ followed me on twitter. I spazzed out so hard that I jumped out of my running vehicle and ran down a full block filled with excitement and surrealness. It's still feels so unreal that it's ridiculous. Long story shorter, I figured out when she followed me and after which tweet i tweeted that did make her follow me. Like... let me stop talking about it because it would be all night and I have school in the morning lol. But Nicki is an amazing person and I truly appreciate her knowledge of average girl's lives and making it entertaining, understanding, and simplifiable. School comes first and it will always. I love her soooo much.

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