Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 3:22 PM


Imma Keep Fiqhtinqq and Tryinqq To be The Best
And Imma Never Stop Til The End
No Time For Rest
Im Preachinqq For The Life Of Another
And I Protest
You'll Never Get The Best Of Me
You Cant Have Whats Left Of Me
Cuz The Rest Of Me Went South For The Summer
And Another Part Of Me
Respects The Privacy Of Another
Tears In My Eyes From Those Days you Used To Tease Me
You Say You Were My Friend
Then You Turn Around And Decieve Me
But Now A Days its Respect Me Or Fear Me
Cuz Im Tiired Of Wonderinqq
Can Anybody Hear Me.?

Teach Me To Breathe
Teach Me To Smile
No Matter How Much It Hurts
Say You'll Be Here For A while
The Pain Hurts
Im Like The Child
Who Wished That
They Only Had The Chance
To Be A Child
Growinqq up Fast
Is Like Dyinqq Slow
Spread a Smile Across My Face
So The Depression Wont Show
My Chest Burns
My Back Aches
From Holdinqq Back Tears
And Coverinqq The Pain
I Guess I Only Have Myself To Blame
Cuz I Continue To Live This Way

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