Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 3:36 PM

Happy Tears

I Cry Because Im Sad
Im Silent When Im Depressed
I Yell Because Im Mad
I Scream Because Im Scared
I Jump Around Because Im Excited
Im Stomp Because Im Frustrated
I Smile When Im Happy

I Show Emotions
Doesnt That Make Me Human
Or Am I A Mood Rinqq Or A Doqq
You Scream Because I Am Who I Am
You Throw Stones
And You Realize That I Am Human
But You Keep Goinqq Cuz You Dont
Give A Damn

Can You Feel My HeartBeat
I Am Livinqq
Can You Hear My Soul Hum
But No,You Play Me Like A Toy
My Sadness Is Your Joy
My Hurt Is Your Music
And You Beat My Faith Like A Drum
And Still I Am Stronqq
I Shed My Tears
But It Isnt Because
You've Made Me Sad
I Cry Because I Am
Happy That i Had The
Miraculous Strenqth
To Push Off The Weiqht
Of Your Relentless Hate.!

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