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My Nicki Minaj Story

I've been a barb since 2010 when one of my fan pointed me to her music. I checked it out and was instantly in love. No music had ever made me feel the same way that hers did. After looking into her for a while i found out how much of a beautiful, caring and passionate person and musician Nicki is. Hearing and seeing her verse in the monster music video i was just in love, its hard to express how much i loved that verse. From then on i officially called myself a barb! I myself am a musician and Nicki has encouraged me to keep striving for what i want and most importantly to always be myself no matter what anyone else thinks. After two years of waiting Nic finally announced she was touring the world, and mot importantly, Australia! I went insane waiting for tickets, and explained to my mum that she has to get them, on this date, at exactly this time as it was going to be my birthday present. Well my birthday came along and i received an envelope. I was so happy, i was going to see Nicki for the first time ever; Actually see her! I opened the envelope and inside was just some money. They waited to long and tickets song out. I was so dead inside. I couldn't comprehend sitting at home on the night of May the 18th knowing that Nicki is putting on the best night of my life and I'm not going to be there. Well after a few weeks of initial depression i thought that I'm going to keep trying. I took 2 days off school and continually rung radio stations in desperation trying to get tickets. While i got through to most and on air a couple of times none of them had tickets that could give to me. On Wednesday the 18th of April i went to school and rung FoxFM during recess, getting through and begging for tickets. I explained that I'm at school and need them now as i have classes later. They said that I'm just going to have to ring back later but they are giving away one set at 12:00. I started off thinking 'Thats it, I can't go', But 11:55 came and i was moving to my next class and i couldn't resist calling. I called about three times just wight he phone in my hand not putting it to my ear trying to get through. Just as i was about to give up and go into class i made one final call. It didn't go to line busy. It just kept ringing. Ive called a million times and when it rings that means that theres a chance they ill pick up. the class started and i look down at my phone to see a timer appearing under there phone number. I lay my face not he table and just say hello to see if they picked up. They did. I had no idea if they were giving away tickets or not but knew that it was 12:00. I asked in desperation for the tickets. By now the teacher had spotted my phone and walks over to me trying to take it away form me. I sit up and hold it to my ear because theres no point trying to hide it anymore. the whole class is silent and some of my friends are looking at me stupidly. They've seen me calling non stop and are certain that all this call will get me is trouble. After begging for a minute....... I won them. I was in shock, infact writing this write now i am shaking like I'm there again. I was going to Nicki Minaj. I left the classroom as the other students cheered and gave them my details. It was the best day of my life only to be topped a month later by the actual concert! Heres the recording from the radio if you wan tot take a listen, i sound like an idiot but i just couldn't comprehend what was happening: . Went to her next world tour on December 5th, This time buying tickets myself the second the went on presale, Again this happened at school so i just left the classroom made the fasted online transaction the world has ever seen. This concert was such an amazing experience. I arrived at Rod Laver Arena around 11am, one of maybe 25 already queued. This time i was by myself which honestly didn't bother me, intact i liked it better. I was abel to focus more on Nicki and i made a bunch of friends with other true barbs during the 9 hours of waiting for the concert to start. She outdid herself int his tour. It was absolutely amazing. She pointed at me and sung to me a bunch of times during the concert, all of which i caught on video and made the people around me super jealous. I still love her today, and am so proud of how much she's achieved. Her features just keep knocking out the haters. Freaks, Azz, Bottoms Up, Tap Out, Out of my Mind, Monster and her mini features in Tonight in Getting Over You and Gimme all your Luvin are my all time top favourites and Favourite songs are (this is going to be a long list) Romans Revenge, Right Thru Me, Save Me, Super Bass, Moment For Life, Fly, Did it on em, Blazin, N.I.G.G.A.S, Go Hard, The Boys, I am your Leader, Beez in the Trap, Champion, Whip It, Young Forever, Fire Burns, Stupid Hoe, Va Va Voom, Come on a Cone, Roman Holiday, Up in Flames, Freedom, High School, Hell Yeah and I'm Legit. Thats them summed up into the shortest list possible, But there isn't a Nicki song i don't like :) Im hoping to blog a bit more on this website so add me and send me a message if you want to chat. Check out my music on and follow me of twitter at and Facebook at

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