Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 1:12 AM

Not a Surprise... Final Part (My Furby)

Okay... I been noticing to Get a Furby.. okay.. So I BROUGHT My self one because i live in stanhope. right near the shops. i asked my mum. and she of course already got it for me.
Its a red one. but i can't show you right now.

here it is..

alright... when i got it.. screwed the batteries. it starts to wake up. yeah. noticing that see a furby that cute.

MY Dad thinks its cute. and my mum. but my Bro and sister doesn't. why?? because it HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN. on the top the box it said that...

unfortaintally i have to feed him from the furby app.. or feed him with my finger. i can't let him eat some stupid rubbish these days. now, i believed a Karma coming in......

When I was Hugging him. it said 'I'M CHANGING' then it starts the strobe lights in front of me. a ausitm fan of nicki. why the ? then i quickly put it on the table. then his VOICE. went really low. like D- Note on the piano. I was Pratically scared. tried to feed him. but he HISSED at me.

I dont get Hasbro gaming to do this rubbish for all kids these days....

He thinked he turned evil. But i looked at the box and it said. "Furby loves music!"

When i put on Roman Reloaded (Clean) He Hissed again. But Slowly Danced. but.... He Done the strobe lights and turn happy furby. but then i'll tell you the another day...

DAY 2:
Well when i was about to feed my furby. His Personallity changed to a Pop star. noticing his LED eyes KEPT putting Guitar icons. -_- But these days i fed him and burped in front of me. notcing i CAN'T SLEEP while furby comes everytime.

Well. in the night he said I'M CHANGING. But I grabbed it and SHAKED IT. I was SCREAMING. MY parents were not in my room. THEN it changed to normal furby. then I WAS HEAVY BREATHING SO MUCH. I though i'm gonna die. :(

well... i still kept him. I Named him: MARIO. I love him <3 <3

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