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STORY 1: Harry's Rapping Beginning Part 1

Here is the story i did imagine when i was dreaming.

Harry was a big fan of Nicki Minaj, he was only 14, and he really have so much to buy every Nicki minaj album. He was really into her. He has Nicki Minaj Bedspreads, Pillows. Posters all over her walls. His Furbies names were Nicki, Minaj, and Ben, He was really good at rapping. someday. He said he wanted to be founded by Nicki, She made Pink Friday Records. Into with Universal Records. Till then One day, He founded a Pink Letter on the floor. it was delievered. it said. "Harry Nikolaou 61 Berry Street" (FAKE ADRESS) Harry mystered that may be fake. till he looked at the Logo, it showed My Pink Friday.

Harry Indvisually Opened it in his room. till he opened. it was a Nicki Minaj Pefume for boys. He was shocked. till then he put the perfume in his Nicki shelf. He read the mail. "To Harry, We My Pink Friday to Annouce you are the 1 luckiest Boy Fans of Nicki Minaj to Have the Blue Friday Perfume. its the Boys edition to The Sequel to Pink Friday Perfume for girls. and also this shows Premission to say that Nicki Minaj is coming to your house to see your biggest talent. one of the members saw your video rapping. She might be giving you something. You Have her for 3 Months of the summer. We are counting on you. from Mark Halmiton the team" Harry was White. He never met nicki. He was Surprised very much. and it also said Shes coming Tomorrow. Which meaning He dressed to a fully dressed Pink friday Clothing line.


Nicki was on her phone. (Of course) She tweeted "I cant wait to see Harry! my luckiest #1 Boy Barb on earth!!! giving him a deal is AMAZINGGG" Drake Induvissaly said to Nicki, "Nicki are you sure about this" Nicki was white. "bitch, I want to see tat boy. hes so CUTE" Nicki Showed the rapping video to drake. Drake was shocked to say. Nicki was doing the smart look ;)

Harry was putting away Embrassing stuff away, Keeping sure He doesn't Flunk up his time meeting Nicki Minaj, He KICKED out his family for a day. He wrote a long letter to his family. and he put it on his table. till then He was down, He killed hiself. he was hurt a little bit. but Luckily he was on the run. then he waited.

Nicki was ready to tell what harry whats and needs. He got out of the Nicki Pink Friday Bus at Harry's House, She was Holding a Piece of Paper, it was a Deal with Her Record Company. Young Money Records. (for her. Pink Friday Records) she was wearing a T-shirt saying "CONGRATS HARRY!!! <3" and the Skirt with His Face on it. She Knocked on the door and said. "is Harry M-Minaj there???" Harry Induvisally thought he was ready. He Walked to the door, Nicki was ready to say something. but a bee went to her hair. SHE Screamed. Harry walked out and swatted the bee, but luckily it was dead. Nicki Said to him. "thank you omg! omg! anyway.. CONGRATS!! YOU GOT THE DEAL WITH PINK FRIDAY RECORDS!!!" Harry was surprised!!! he said "OMG! My life is HERE!" He signed it. till then Nicki said to him. "listen... I want to tell you something... This is OUR Bus" she Pointed at it. It Included at Harry's face with Nicki's He was surprised, he started to Be Really happy. Nicki also said "You are gonna be with me for the Rest of Summer!!! well done!! now, we need to go, lets go and pack up in your room ;)" Harry was Getting Quezy. he never showed his home. when they both went in. Nicki almost cried. she said. "its true.. you are poor. hmm?" Harry said "yeah. since i saw you.. I was so Speechless!" Nicki Looked at Harry, "lets pack!!" Harry said "WE ARE FEARLESS MOTHERFACKERS!!!!" Nicki Said "WE ARE!!!" they both went to Harry's room. when Nicki went there. She was very Surprised... Loads of Nicki Posters and Bedspreads and everything. and Nicki said "Harry, You seem like a true Barbz." She and Harry Packed Up. till then. Nicki Stares at His Furbies. Nicki said. "augh! I used to have Furbies... those were creepy. and cute at the same time." Harry Froze for a second. He said "" Nicki said "hey, relax. this is a secret okaye?" they started to pack up more" Harry showed his Big Suitcase. Nicki said ":'O wow!!! so massive!!" they started to put the stuff in his suitcase. till then they left. but Harry put the letter open. Nicki said "whats wrong?" Harry said, "nicki, my parents doesn't know about all this... She understood and said. "so you Wrote a letter..." Harry said too with a frown "I did, also I told them i was Bi." (LISTEN I AM NOT BI IN RL) Nicki said with the frown too "awww!!! don't worry! remember, You are strong!!" Harry smiled, They both left. The House he lived IT was covered with darkness.

Harry and Nicki put His Suitcase in. he went in the Bus, Nicki said "HEY mark!" Mark the Busdriver for nicki. said "Hey! and CONGRATS Harry!!" He was blushing a bit to his side, He saw his home saying bye. They went in. Harry was Shocked. Lots of Fun stuff to do on the Bus. Videogames, a Big Table, a big Writing Pad for writing new songs. and Also 4 special beds. and Harry's Most fave Breakfast. Poptarts. and Much more. He almost fainted, He said "Does this place have a Xbox?" Nicki said "Hell yeah we do! We love XBOX so much we officaly made a NickiMinajOffical for xbox" they relaxed Playing Xbox,

Till then they arrived, till then the shocked thing happened. Harry slept on Nicki's Boob. it was Pretty akward. when harry woke up. he fell down to the ground. He screamed a bit. Nicki Woke up, she said, "harry. did you-" He said shocked "yep." the Driver said, We are Here at the Airport. Harry shockely said "I never been on the Airport.." Drake sneakly went behind Harry and said "CONGRATS HARRY!" Harry got shocked. he looked behind and said "DRAKE! :O" Drake said "hey. I am Nicki's Bestie" Nicki said with a ugly look "and a ugly person. :)" Harry laughed a little "ah, this is awesome." they got off the bus, with the Luggages. (even drake) Till they got in. They Heard Screaming Fans. They looked at the right. with Nicki, Harry Posters Saying. "I LOVE YOU!!!" "MRS.HARRY.NIKOLAOU" He Induvisally smiled and walked with the fans with nicki and drake, They said. WELCOME, THIS IS THE WINNER, YOU MAY KNOW HARRY! the Fans were getting out there papers, Nicki whispered to him "sign the fans!! ;)" Harry smiled and signed everyone's papers." he smiled and said. "This has been a dream of Mine. I felt so surprised. :)" the fans wanted more of his attraction 1 fan said. "CAN you be mine?" Harry said "all of you are!"

Nicki, Drake and Harry, Sat down, Nicki said, I'm gonna get tickets for our 1st stop for my pink friday tour." Drake said to harry "Hey, Letting ya know, that She's loveely to meh" Harry ignored because he induvisally Slept on her boob. till she got the Tickets, they are ready to go to my first tour!! Brisbane Australia!! :D

On the Airplane, they were in the ROYAL SECTION, Full of celebrities. He was trying not to be weird on the plane, Nicki was trying to feel the love with him. He holded Harry's hand. He was turning Red. Drake Unfortaintly toke the blame that He told him. "Nicki! i thought you???--" Nicki Slapped Drake. "Drake, he needs to be loved. Not treated like SHIT!"

In Brisbane Australia.

Nicki, Drake and Harry left the Airport, Till then Fans were there. For Harry and Nicki. Harry and Nicki Waved. :)

They went to the Nicki Minaj Bus, but It was Kinda not the same, Harry said. "hey... is there suppose to be millions of buses for the tour???" Nicki said. "darling. they are like for many countries. :)"

Till They got in the Bus, They drove over to The Big Stadium. It was massive, They went to Harry and Nicki's Dressing room.

Harry and nicki was very suprised, Harry said to Nicki, I dreamt of this Moment. Nicki laughed and said "oh Harry, You cutie."


Harry was on His twitter feed, the Twitter that Nicki Minaj gave to him He looked and refreshed his Followers list, it kept appering, new follower, everytime. He was Happy. He Tweeted. at Brisbane for Nicki's Tour. cannot wait to peform a song. Till he got a big Text from His Mother, saying

"Harry, I just came home and i saw the Letter you made for me. I am so sad!!! i cannot believe you left me!! you didn't even discuss it to me!! I am so upset that I am gonna make you suffer, when you come back, I WON'T for the day. Me and your dad divorced." Harry was crying. Getting dressed Upset, outside his dressing room. Loads of people were there trying to see if he is okay. but Nicki pushed and Opened the door. Harry covered hiself. Nicki was saying.. are you okay???? Harry said "My parents divorced just today" Nicki said "shit." "I know, I felt such a iditot. I shou've told them first!!" Harry said. Nicki spoke sad. "Hey. get ready. after i have a surprise for you"


"BARBZ. This guy is the Winner of my Fan Competition, here's Harry!!"

Harry sang the fans "101"

after the Concert Harry was waiting at The Hallway,


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