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Harry's Rapping Beginning Final Part

After The Pink friday tour Harry was waiting for nicki's Present for him. Till then he heard Footsteps. It become louder. then it felt like running. then Nicki Came up to Harry and Hugged him. Harry was scared. He said "NICKI! Y U NO SCARE ME" Nicki Chuckled and said "Harry, i am so proud of you sweetie. like very. you were very very cute omg omg" Nicki went on and on About Harry, He was thinking.. "what is she even saying??" Nicki stopped. "anyway Harry, Here is your gift. ;)" Harry Opened, and it was a Kent Necklace, Harry said "wow," Nicki was unsure if He doesn't know what to use it for. she said "Harry, I got a Barbie Necklace, so i am giving you a kent necklace to embrace that we are now Dating :)" Harry stopped for a second. He was only 14. and plus he don't wanna let his family know he dated Nicki Minaj. but then He put his thinking face on. "sure nicki, but I wanna write a song now." Nicki was glad, Not to waste the deal or anything, but they are only in Brisbane Australia. Nicki said "How about we continue our australian tour then go on with the other countries eh?" Harry smiled and said "okay. :)"

Nicki and Harry Tweeted "GREAT NEWS! I am gonna peform with nicki/Harry with our Tour!"

They Toured and toured around Australia, since Harry and Nicki Toured, Harry started to have Top Tweets and also Having 100,000 Followers!! MASSIVE SHOCK. But fans needed a New single. so Harry tweeted on the Last Australian Place for the AUSSIE tour "Guys, I promise with god's Prayers I'll write a album soon. Please get me some time because of the Nicki's tour. :)" Nicki saw the tweet and Reposted it. Millions of Nicki fans also Followed him too.

On the last place for australian tour...


Nicki Exited the stage, and told Harry "its time." Harry was Unsure, due to a month of Aussie touring. it was confusing. Nicki leaned close to Harry and kisses his nose. Harry was Speechless. He said "what time to do what?" Nicki Smiled, and Gleefully said "Time to Make your Album!!"
Harry smiled too and said "LETS GO!"

Meanwhile going to America.....

Nicki was upset, since then she forgot Drake at The airport to go to America, she upsetly called Drake, Harry went up behind Nicki and heard her upset and saying to Drake, "I missed you baby... why you do this????? I been eating nothing but pies. i am bloody upset. why??? please come.... we will maybe... smooch? I liked you since but you been tough. please." Nicki hanged up. and Cried on the Table. Harry was very Upset. He desperately Stand up and said to nicki. "HEY!" Nicki said. "hey.. umm..." Harry angrily said "YEP. you been cheating since the first day of Aussie Touring!!!" Nicki said "I...was...-" Harry said "Lets be friends." harry went to the bedroom in the Nicki Bus." Nicki was very upset. till then they went up for tacos for Lunch, Harry was at the bus, waiting for the picture for who to love forever. till then, A Picture went up to her lap, It was a Picture of Harry. Nicki said gleefully..not so... "Harry, we are dating...:')" Nicki waited for Harry to get tacos for everyone. Nicki said, "you're right, I should not date drake, my face remains like you." Harry was tearing up and went to Nicki and smooched her. (please don't think its weird)
Nicki said "love you." Harry said "me too," he yelled "HEY! DRIVER! LETS GO TO CASH MONEY RECORDS" The Bus Drove to a long long way,


Harry was not sure this is america, Nicki smiled and said, "It is america, but it looks pretty shit here right???" Harry was horny for a second (pardon my french xD) "Yeah?? ._."

Nicki Pointed to the Cash Money records. and said "HEY HARRY! this is our Home to write music <3" Harry was speechless, it was a very Tall Building. VERY tall.



It was a big Place, full of Musical Machines, a studio, and everything a singer have!! :D

They started working On his album for months and months, even they are about to start the whole world (expect Australia) tour for Nicki and Harry!

Harry showed the album, here it is... The album said "Red Moon" and it was classified Parental Warning because of 2 songs are explicit.

when the release date before the tour day, it reached the album Platinum with the clean version and gold for Explicit. more 100,000,000 copies were made, it was very high selling. Millions of people were saying yes. hundreds said no. Harry's twitter has a celebrity official badge, also the greatest part, everyone were ready for the big tour.


Harry started to apply his new Cologne, it was Lemon, Sparkly Pink lemonade, and Fruit Extracts. Nicki smelt it, and she said. Thats a cool cologne, sell it to fans?? he said, Christmas i will.

They started to across touring around america, they even were asked to ask people's questions,

One time Nicki got drunk after the middle of american touring because of Drake's Revenge for dating Harry.

ON the last day of the American Touring.

Nicki screamed "HARRY! HARRY!" Harry ran to her and said "what is up???" nicki was upset she said "I cannot go on today! i am sick!" Harry said "I will only sing!" Nicki was happy. but sneaky.

Harry Peformed with heart and care. and also He rapped well too.

After Everyone celebrated and also His life... well.. turned out to be a movie.


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