Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 12:08 AM

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Sooo... the last time I had a dream about Onika was last night I know I said I would blog every time I had 1, but I forget every time. Seriously son, I've had like 45 million dreams about her since that last blog. Anywho...

This 1 was real weird. [They all are tho] But in this one Nic was like... my mother... but not really. And Safaree was my dad, but not really. I referred to them as Nic and Safaree, but they treated me like I was their daughter. I was okay with it in the dream, but I'm not sure how I feel about it in real life =/

So I was at home and Jenise was there visitin, and we were in the movie room watchin a live stream of Nicki in Paris. And when she was done, I missed her so I wanted her to come home. I texted her and told her to come home tonight instead of 2morro and she was like okay. By the way, home is in America. Not her condo in Cali, but in some house with a movie room and a huge as living room with no furniture and a spotlight in the middle.

So she came home after her show in Paris, and when she got there she hugged me and I hugged her and layed in her boobage for a while. Then she was all like "I missed you baby! We need to have lunch 2morro cuz I got some shit to tell you. How is school? Oh my gosh I missed you!" And I was like "Yeah I missed you too Nicki. School is fine. but you need to come visit me more often."

Then we hugged again while she was puttin away the groceries and Safaree was like "yo chill w/ that shit Jill. You niggas are crazy." Then Jenise was like "Can I go with you and Jill 2moro Ms. Nicki?" and she said "um... sure... I guess that would be fine..." in her little unamused voice lol. So then I went back to the movie room and finished watchin somethin that definitley was not her performance. =/

These dreams be off the wall sometimes lol. But yeah I miss her. we hugged a fucking million times son. Oh yeah, this is what she was wearing

[sigh] =/ One day Nic. one day . . .

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