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My View On Nicki Minaj && Lil Kim Beef ! Is It Tupac && Biggie Related ?


So Here's My View On The Beef ..! It's Not Actual Beef .! It's More Alter- Ego Clashing Than Beef .! Now I Love Nicki Minaj Unconditionally, Dont Get Me Wrong... But I get Where Kim Is Coming From.. She's Just Like okay So Nicki Hot Right Now! I'm Trying To Get Out... Why Not Get At Her... I Dont Support the way she went about it ( Like Most Of Us) . Okay I Dont DISLIKE Lil Kim... I DID .. But I didnt get where she was coming from... Now I Do .. && I Dont Dislike Her .. Why Knock Her Hustle ? Why Knock Her Flaws? If you ask me it's all pretty much childish & It's Getting Old ! After this Album Nicki Minaj Roman Reloaded which is in Stores 4.3.12 .! I Think The women should just make good music... && Leave the BS alone.! Here's Alot Of Other Peoples View On The "Alter-Ego Clashing "

"Man This Beef getting badder than Tupac & Biggie"

SERIOUSLY ...NO It's Not Tupac & biggie Relatedl You can so NOT compare these two relationships.Tupac & Biggie two GANG Related Artist ..

From the start, the two men's vexed relationship had an enthralling yin-yang quality. They were born less than a year apart: Tupac in 1971, Biggie (aka Christopher Wallace) in 1972. Tupac worked on the west coast, Biggie on the east. Tupac had the good looks, revolutionary heritage (his mother was former Black Panther Afeni Shakur) and poetic aspirations, but only middling skills. Biggie had the gangster credentials (he used to deal crack in Brooklyn), everyman appeal and effortless, weighty-but-nimble flow to him, rapping itself was sheer poetry. They both thought big: hip-hop heroes for the mainstream !!!

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