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Trayvon Martin

What's Right Is Right & What's Wrong Is Wrong !

I am shot and killed in a residential neighborhood. My cell phone is on me and my friend is on the phone, and I am found to have been carrying only a bag of candy and a drink. 911 calls from neighbors record my screams for help, in the moments before my death. No one uses my cell phone to locate my family. No one canvasses the neighborhood to see if someone there knows me. I am a John Doe in the morgue for three days. But, my body is tested for drugs and alcohol. My killer is not tested for anything. My killer is questioned and released, and he is still free today. I am Trayvon Martin, and We are better than this.

Now You Tell Me Do I Look Suspicious ?


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    On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 8:58 PM, KevinOK said:

    Good post. Never forget what happened here. It is not a white or black issue (or it shouldn't be, but I'm not an idiot). It was cold blooded murder.

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    On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 8:54 PM, KevinOK said:

    I am a former Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn who now works as an Entertainment Lawyer in NYC. I'm a fan of Nicki and my kids are huge fans (I'm also a voting memeber of NARAS -Grammy's). I like your Blog. This tragedy needs to wake everyone up, especially the young people black and white. You should be posting on facebook, blogging and protesting over why this murderer is not in jail, Wake up kids, their are people getting away with murder. And stay in school, become things like a lawyer and change the system.

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