Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 5:36 AM

New Year ,Old Kim

Here it is 2011,Kim is Still the same,Thought she was gonna be different.
This Trick done lost her mind, but Barbs & Ken-Barbs this time give the trick no attention!!Because it's clear as day that Lil'Kim, Im sorry...Lil Tim gone try to go and Deep...#Pause..But the trick is not worth Nicki's nor our Time!! This chick is so freaking stupid...She said and I quote "We can rock together,but this bitch aint taking nothin from me!!, Like yo Really Kim, iiM sorry Tim...Why would you rock with someone you got beef with!! She fail to realize that Nicki dont ow her shit, but respect & the bitch done lost that if you ask me, Fucking Bum!! BUM BITCH!!! #DISSMISSED!!

You can watch the video,Copy and Paste the link!!

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