Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 8:35 PM

Just A Rap That I Wrote.

Out of the gutter, onto the streets,
Walls of iron and tears of sleet,
Life is a maze, and the turns are deadly,
A pit of fire below our feet,
A line of judges everywhere we go,
But still no-one will stop my flow,
You tried, you failed, you just fuckin gave up,
but I won't, I will never just stop,
You be underground, trying to scrape up some coins,
while I be mainstream, bigger than the world, Bad Kids rejoice!
I won't ever give up, I won't ever quit or bend,
till the staircase of gold see all I see at the end,
But I will give up my jewals, I will give up my crown,
if it mean I can persew the love which I'm bound,
I will rap till the end, I will write till I die,
Ti'll my blood turns to ink, and lyrics are what I cry,
Music is my cocain, and my fans give me my powder,
Gun powder, flick the trigger, the missal is fired,
I'm a gun of steel and my bullets are desire,
You the best? You a motherfuckin liar,
I don't burn no rubber, I'm an everlasting fother,
You rubber, you'll wear away, tire,
You all dry wood, and I am the fire,
I burn these clitches with my pen, while you all lookin for ghost-writers,
I'll follow the voices of the greats,
I'll make it to the top, you just wait,
I am Priya, I am Zizies,
I am a Bad Kid,
And I will make it,

Ya see?

  1. Ms.BarbieSwaqq avatar

    On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 12:30 AM, Ms.BarbieSwaqq said:

    This Is Really Good (G-Shit)

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