Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 6:33 PM


i dnt sleep nigga call me a vampire
my life fast lik drivin a pink mersiryah
bitches on my ass i fart n i cause a fire (hehehe)
i dnt meen to b a bitch but girl i b ya mans desire
i didnt meen to rock rock ya hubbys boat
i lied him down n he begain to float
i guess u could say he was on me lik his bitches coat
he neva new wat i could do till i set sail
i keep so sweet he b on my chucci trail
give him a drop call nxt day i had a full mail
neva mind wat i find wen im on a hunt
i get wat i want wen i want him i want !

enny menny miney mo
trap a niggah by his toe
if he likes it let him go
easy peasy let him go

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