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My Fairy Tale

Once Upon A Time, there lived a kid named Elvis. Nicknamed "Tito" , he lived in a little town called Greenspoint, But not everything there was green and joyful. Elvis dreamed of escaping his troubles and travel to the big city to be happy and thats exactly what he did. One day he was wandering in the town market and walked upon a device he never seen before.
Once taking that device in to his home it lite up, the words Jack'd lite up and a darkness filled the room. A small pink light came from the darkness followed by a burst of pink lite up dust.
"Whats going on", Said Elvis.
A voice Answered ," I am Amirah, which means Princess or Leader. Elvis looked in astonishment. "Are you my fairy god-mother" ?
"Yes", answered Amirah. I will grant you any wish you want and follow you thru a long journey to happyness.
Elvis only wanted one true wish,to be happy with some one who loved him. But Amirah already knew his wish. "Is it LOVE what you most desire" ? "Yes" , Elvis answered. "Than LOVE is what i will bring to you"
Amirah waved her wand and the room lite up in a array of colors. Out of the device came a swirl of colors. A man came out as the room quickly changed to a room filled of wonders and magical doors. "I am Jose of Lilith"
To Be Continued.............

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    On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 4:04 AM, Jalani Minaj said:

    I love it I can't wait to know more

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