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#Team Minaj

let me start by saying im not about to proof read none of this so deal! lol and umm no things are not correct in it but what ever something i just had to get off my mind..

Hey you guys. For those of you who know me and for others who don't but i would love to chat it up with you. I hope this blog means as much to you guys because its something i feel i have to say. first off im not one of the barbz CLAIMING to be team minaj but knows nothing about it. im not a STAN who stans for others in team minaj nor am i BIG HEADED OR COCKY! this blog is not to SNITCH on any one nor is it to PISS ANY ONE OFF or SHADE ANY ONE if it was i would tell you so :). but i just felt like taking the time out to say a few things to the team i love my FAMILY! for those of you who know me personally you know my situation and how far ive come. the first months in tm was the hardest. its kinda like you have to prove your self. like you either love hard for hb or you go the fuck home. well lol ive never loved so hard in my life lol. Team Minaj this is like a family. some days we love each other and some days we go in at each others throats. we help each other conquer. we help each other drag. we fight over irrelevant things like onikafaree and dricki. who loves hb the most. whos been here the longest. we talk about our favorite foods hbs favorite foods. we go on and on about the greatest female rapper alive. we laugh together.. some of us date each other but at the end of the day we are one big HAPPY FAMILY. you guys may not see it but i do. we have our ups and downs our goods and bads. or lets tell on each other moments but in the end we set aside or differences for one person OTM. this year ive learned to love all of you for who you are. new old 9 20 30 and 16 no matter your age color race. where you live where your from all of you have a place in my heart. whether your annoying if we got into it once b4 whether i blocked you on twitter.. what ever the case may be. i love you all. if you know me personally you know that this past year ive learned to be a better stronger me than ever before and i have all of you to thank for that.. i want to thank people by name but i don't want you guys to be mad at me.. i know its tons of you but some of you.. like some of you have been part of that change for the better...

BIGGADENAMONSTA: you bro ever since ive became teamminaj you have been there with you rants and your CAPS LOCK ;)). but i listened i listened to every rant every rave every word you said. some encouraging words some life changing and some just a wake up call. sometimes i was even the one helping you! i connect sooo much with you and never did i ever think i would feel sooo close to someone i barely talk to on the phone or barley talk to period but you you my dear are something different! thank you for everything. you may never know how much of an impact you have on someones life until they tell you well im telling you. your a big brother im blessed to have..

BARBIIEBIITCHX: kathy :)) i love you sooo much. when i was new to team minaj you and others were here for me. you talked to me and at that time thats all i wanted. you treated me with respect and i learned soo much from you. you kept me laughing with yo nasty ass tweets and kept my mind from that depressed state i was stuck in.. thank you soo much for being you please never change!!!

NICKISCAREBEAR: shonda where the hell do i start. lol you are my rock my liddle sister (like for real) my baby my all like i swear there are not enough words in the english dictionary or any other dictionary to tell how much i love and appreciate you. when god blessed me with a friend like you he gave me the world and so much more under it. you know me probably better than you know the back of your hand with out you and the girls im incomplete. this past year im glad that i can thank god for more things than one. im glad that i have you and just know your stuck with me till the end. when im lost your there with a flash light doing something stupid so i can find my way. when im down your trying to find a way to make me smile and forget what ever made me so down in the first place. when i need help your one call away from finding me an answer and i thank you for that!

WITHLOVEYANI: first of all it will be a lot of you to throw shade saying shes not team minaj so why the hell is she in this blog. fuck you you and you! and i hear your thoughts too nigga so fuck you too! this girl has heart of gold and i out of anybody knows that she is probably more of team minaj than any of you! lol we have our falling outs but in the end i know if i ever need any one to listen you are always there lol saying sorry for something you did not do lmfao. sometimes your rants piss me off but i still love you like a sister.. i have my first moment for life with you and that day i will remember for the rest of my life. thank you for always being there always having my back! thank you for being you never change... well... we will talk lmfao :) love you!

gosh so many names...

TREBBLEBARBIE: BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHH! lol no just kidding tamar but i love you like a fat kid loves cake! lol i can always count on you to make me smile. i can always count on you to pray for me when i need it most.. talk me off of a ledge when im ready to jump. or to tell me some idea is just plain stupid. i can always count on you and shonda and jessie to be just what i need most FAMILY. you guys love me no matter what and your there for me even when im a hot mess crying not being able to tell you guys the whole situation. god gave you guys to me and i love each and every one of you till the day i die. you guys have my heart and your what i live for.. thank you!

CANDIQUEEN: ROD(ride or die) where in the hell do i start like... the other day i was at my lowest ever.. never thought soo much about suicide in one day. when my sisters weren't around you was. u told me to believe in my self and gave me big chunk of strength. no other person in this world could ever take your spot! you are my right hand my left hand my left foot and the right one too lol. i thank god for you ever day and with out hb and this team i would have never known you so i thank god for them too. i love you candi with all my heart never change.

JESSIEBARBIE: my heart of gold!


    On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 11:30 PM, PINKMUNYBARBIE said:

    thanks :))

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    On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 9:40 PM, Nanne_wezze said:

    POWERFUL, am touchd, kip it up buddy n God bless u 2 4 doing dis!!!

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