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ok hey guys maybe mypinkfriday will be nice to me today lol you guys dont know that this is my 50th time re writing this part of the blog. lol...

BRANDONMINAJ: brandon you were the very first person to talk to me. you rted me to nicki all the time and till this day i still think you are part of the reason for my follow. you kept me positive when i felt like she did not see me. you told me most of the things i tell people now. you showed me the ropes and invited me with open arms. do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.. and you did just that. i love you brooski lol like your everything and so much more and i missssssss you soooooo much! thank you for everything.

BILLYMINAJ: buttholeeeeeeee! lol do you know how much i love you kid! lol not only are you my fave ken barb of them all but your a friend and someone who has also had a hugggeee impact on my life. you helped boost my confidence in my self. not matter what others may call you they dont know the real you. your sweet hearted butt head lol.. thank you for your kind words and your silly ways. nd most of all thank you for being a friend. your still my baby daddy lol i dont care what you say! and WE WILL STILL GET MARRIED BY HB!

IBODYYBITCHES: honnneeeyyy oat i love you soooooo much. have i told you that your text messages are everything you know the ones you send out the blue.. you always seem to send them at the right time. when ever im feeling down i can always count on one of your random text messages to come through. thanks ibb your a blessing in soo many ways continue to be your self because you never know when your touching someone.

CHICAGOMINAJ: sisssssyyyyy omggggg thank god for bringing me you. even though you dont know a nigga exists any more but thats cool -__-. lol i love you !! i remember the first time i heard you on pfr singing ihbp that song. lol he was mad rude but you still made something positive out of it.. your always there when i need someone to talk to and trust with my life and things i go through that in its own is a blessing. thank you soooo much. love you!!

PINKVVSMINAJ: deeeeeee! lol do you know your like a mini mother lol. and lawd do you know how to light a fire under somebody's ass! lol but i swear your a guardian angel under my guardian angel. you have helped me through a lot since i first started school. you helped me believe in my self too.. thank yo soo much and love ya babez

#teamminaj some you you may read this and some of you wont.. but those of you who do let me talk to you and a real level. to me this team is not about a follow rt or m&g its not bout getting close to hb or none of that. i came to this team because i watched an interview that changed my life. because i heard lyrics that weren't like the rest of the music out there. because i watched ustream that brought me out of depression and back to reality. all the other stuff is EXTRA. this past year ive learned to LOVE ME! ive learned that sometimes when you have to take up for your self that IGNORANCE IS BLISS! and i learned the meaning of FAMILY. ive been told to SPEAK THINGS INTO EXISTENCE. that I AM THE BEST no matter what a hater thinks. NOT TO BE LAZY AND COMPLAIN ABOUT HARD WORK. to REACH FOR SUCCESS no matter HOW HARD the struggle. and the most important thing PRAYER ANSWERS ALL. so just know that YOLO (you only live once). so try things once and the fun things twice TM. and know that this life is what you make it! YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS YOU. know it and believe it! love you guys!! ~muny

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    On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 9:51 PM, Purple Princess said:

    You don't know me or anything but I have to say PREACH! That last paragraph is some undeniable truth and I appreciate you for sharing that. S/O to you girl!

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