Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 11:36 PM

Romantines Day Trip #teamminaj only!!!

Ok you guys :)) you will freak when you read what we have came up with. im sure all of you barbs and kens are trying to find some way to go to the cd sining that we THINK HB will have.. so.. me and @jessie_barbie decided to find away to make it cheaper you ready for the plan...

1. you have to be serious about going we dont want any oh maybe i will go and maybe i dont GET DOWN OR LAY DOWN!

2. book your flights soon ill have another one of these blogs written.. so that Christmas money yall bout to get save it buy your plane ticket with it save your tips and stuff or just find a way to get the money :)).. the key to number two is to do it soon :)) so your able to make money for you to spend in NY..

3. well how will it be cheap if i still have to get a hotel... i can answer that :)) we get a suit :)) that we can fit in split the cost of hotel.. :)) this includes the barbz that already stay in NY too.. (no we would not just have one room)

4. if you like the idea have anything to add to the idea or if you know you want to go tweet me @pinkmunybarbie and say im down for Romantines Day Trip so we can get all accurate with numbers and stuff.. days of arrival and awl at... :)) thanks

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