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By: TMNBarbie

Nicki has worked with soooo many people, almost everyone in the game, right? :p BUT, there are a few people that she hasn't worked with yet that I'd lovee for her to. & No, not all of them rap but I think Nicki would have great "chemistry" with them. :-)

1. Beyoncé

Yes. Yes. Yes. Bee-yon-SAY. Probably the 1st person everyone thought of so why not put her at the top of the list? ;p 2 amazing artists. Nicki's rapping + Beyoncé's vocals = a hit. No doubt about it. But since Bey has a bun in the oven we probably won't hear that single in a whileeeee. :o

2. Enya

Idc. Idc. ONIKA. LOVES. ENYA. Okay? Okay.

3. Lady Gaga

Sidenote: Nicki Minaj & Lady Gaga are NOTHING alike. No one is copying anyone.

Okay sooo I'm not gonna lie a Lady Gaga collab will probably slay. They're both different in their own ways & together they can make something beyond this world, something unique that no one has heard before. You never know, they could even do an alter ego song, I guess... Lol.

4. Katy Perry

Katy is really doing her thing and has high charting hits. Yes, she's pop but idc Nicki isn't just rap okay she's more than that. A song together woud be amazingggg.

5. Missy Elliot

What's greater than 2 successful female rappers on the same track? They're both different compared to other female rappers, they have their own styles other female rappers wouldn't dare do because they don't have that boldness & fearlessness. This ones for the books folks.

6. Paramore

1st rock band to colaborate with a female rapper? I think so! Paramore is one of the top rock groups to ever suffice. Personally, I love them but they do slow their songs down some & it might not be that hardcore rock that they usally do. This will shock us, to say the least. But if the song comes out to be amazing it'll show how Nicki is Nicki. Nicki is VERSATILE. Remember that.

7. Young Jeezy

*Jeezy laugh*.......... (hint) (hint) ...... (wink) (wink)...
CHECK! (Champion)

8. Calvin Harris

He's a DJ/producer, sort of like David Guetta but more popular in the UK/Scotland. You probably haven't heard of him, unless you remembered him on Rihanna's "We Found Love". He has more of an electric/dance/pop sound & if Nicki's looking for something like that she should hook up with him... Pauz. She did say she was listening to more dance & techno music so maybe that inspired her to get a new sound. ;)

9. MMG

Rick Ross, Wale & Meek Mill.

10. J Cole

Him & Nicki were both nominated for Best New artist at the Grammy's!

11. Pit Bull

You may not like him, but his are hitting high on the charts. Plus, I tried to find someone who can collaborate with Nicki that'd bring out her inner Rrrrrosa, and he's it! Lol. Ow owww!

12. A$AP Rocky

New up and coming rapper.

13. Lauryn Hill

Iconic female rapper and singer Nicki was most inspired by and would like to work with her.

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    On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 12:01 AM, ninjabarbie94 said:

    I agree with all of them, they would all be such amazing collabs!!! I would go mentle if she done one with paramore because i absaloutly love paramore. I dont usually like rock music, im more of a hip hop, rap and r'n'b gal but i love paramore, so i think if nicki done a song with them it would be frekon amazing and go down in history!!! And with missy elliot, she is one of the best female rappers ever so if Nicki done a collab with her it would be like the 2 best female rappers to ever live bringing out probably one of the most amazing collabs ever!!! x

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