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By: TMNBarbie

But lemme tell you how Nicki's blogs give me life doe. Lolllll. Ok no forreal. Everytime Nicki writes a new blog I feel as if I'm closer to her in some mystical magical way, if that makes sense. Sometimes she pops up at the right time and says the right things. Because you never know what some people are going through and just a little blog can change someones life. Ok ok ok so yeah Nicki's last blog called "Nosey Liddle Bugs" did make my cry, but it was a happy cry. Because I know Nicki actually cares about us and prays for us when other celebrities- or even family and friends, don't even do that for you. She gives me motivation to do better and not give up, because when I wanted to I thought of her and all of the things she told us. Forreal. I know on My Time Now when she said she understands but sometimes I feel that my love for her is SO STRONG that she can't imagine what I'll do for her and how much she is in my heart. Anyways, I hope Nicki continues to keep writing blogs, they literally give me life.

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    On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 1:22 AM, Kay'sey Barbie Hollywood said:

    OMG. I know what you're talking bout. I feel the same way. The Nosey Liddle bugs blog brought tears to my damn eyes too. The part that got to me was the part when she said "thats why i tell u guys to never give up on ur dreams. sometimes all u have are those dreams.....sometimes u feel like ur in the nose bleeds when there's a plan already in motion to get you to the floor seats... put it in God's hands and TRUST. dont u EVER EVER give up." This is why I support her because she loves her fans and her actions show it. She's such an inspiration and she motivates me to be alive and not just live.

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