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Give Nicki Minaj The Credit She Deserves

By: TMNBarbie

Nicki Minaj is a FEMALE rapper. She's the BEST female rapper (And one of the best rappers PERIOD) out here today and she's going toe-to-toe with Heavy Weight MALE rappers, some people even saying she's BETTER than the male rappers. Being a female rapper is a minority in this music industry and I don't think people give Nicki the credit she deserves. See Nicki didn't have anything a few years back, she was on her own. She didn't have a backup, she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she had DREAMS. Her dream was to be famous. She wanted to make it in this rap industry and she SPOKE it into EXISTENCE. A lot of people think she came out of nowhere in 2010 and started putting features on songs but that's not true. Nicki has been rapping for YEARS, struggling, on her grind, trying to make it. She had 3 mixtapes and before that she's been rapping with the Hoodstarz. Did she rush into her career? No. She took her time. She made sure she knew what she was doing and where she was going; and now she's signed with the best team anyone could ask for. YMCMB. Now, all of those years Nicki's been rapping she has been writing her OWN songs, spitting CRAZY rhymes, working HARD. Nobody notices how difficult it must be for a young woman from South-Side Jamaica Queens trying to get out of the hood and become a rapper. But I understand. I give her credit for that because it must've been ruff. I would've felt like a lost puppy, always around people I didn't know and trying to get a music deal. But Nicki is a STRONG woman and I applaud her for not giving up when things got hard and when people said "No" or "You're not going to make it". She PROVED them WRONG. I give her CREDIT for what she's done for ALL of the years she's been rapping.

Ok so I have to get this off of my chest. I HATE when people compare Nicki to other female rappers. If you compare her to another rapper say something positive, don't say anything negative. People always compare her to 1 female rapper and they don't talk about important things. How come they can't talk about Nicki staying in the top 10 on Billboard for 14 weeks; the MOST for a female rapper, Having a PLATINUM album, Selling over 375k albums of Pink Friday in the first week; #2 behind Kanye, Going #1 in 11 weeks, OR Having 22 entries on Billboard Hot 100 charts, Or even being nominated for a Grammy. It's always something ignorant and unnecessary the critics have to say and they need to stop. Nicki is NOT copying anyone. She has her own style, own looks and own twist to her rapping. Unless Nicki has the same name as them, same title of their albums, stole their exact lyrics & songs, took their clothes & hair from them and wore it herself then DON'T say she's copying off another person, because it's not a fact it's YOUR opinion. That sh*t is getting old and tired and I'm sick of it so SHUT THE FUCK UP. (excuse my French) Because Nicki's been wearing hairstyles that I've never seen before, worn crazy outfits that people are NEVER BOLD enough to wear, her raps and rhymes are fun & KIDS can actually rap to them, it's not just about sex. She also SINGS nows, her voice is amazingly beautiful. She makes up words and calls her fans barbz/ken barbz/kenz. Now try to name a person like her because you won't DARE find another.

If you are a true fan you know there is NO "Old Nicki" or "New Nicki". There's just different sides that Nicki has shown of herself. If you liked "Old Nicki" and saw Nicki change then stopped being a fan, you were never one from the beginning. I NEVER left and I will NEVER leave because I understand why Nicki did what she did. Nicki felt like she was controlled or had to be a certain way to be a rapper (hood, thug, sexual) and she went with that during her mixtape era. That wasn't her. She had another side to her that she kept inside but was afraid or was turned down to show. She wanted to sing, be crazy, show her different personalities in real life and in her songs. She wanted to make different voices in her raps and make up words but most importantly she wanted to get OUT of the BOX that she was kept in and BE HERSELF. People tell her that she's weird, well if she's "weird" then I LOVE her "weirdness" because it's different, she's letting her mind FREE, and she's HAPPY. This is NOT your dream so you have no right to tell her how to live it. If this is what she wants, what she's been working hard for and if this was her goal then LET her pursue it! Your negative comments are only putting her down but there are more positive people that love her that trumps your comments and we make her feel better. See I understand, and if you loved her you would understand also. I never wanted anything from her, I just wanted her to live her life and FOLLOW HER DREAMS.

Nicki is one of the most sweetest, humble, beautiful, nicest, caring people I know. People really don't understand what she does for her fans and how much she loves us. She talks to them on the phone, takes them to hotels, out to dinner, backstage, makes sure they eat and have rides home, Ustreams, writes blogs... I can go on forever. She also asks US of our opinions on what she should do, and she actually does take them into consideration. She mentions Team Minaj in her interviews as well. In one interview she said "Everything else fades, but those impressions that I'm making on these kids, those are lasting impressions... I'm gonna remember these kids for my entire life, it's a real relationship... It's like how can I make you happy, you guys support me what can I do for you right now, how can I cater to you." See a lot of celebrities pretend to love their fans in their faces and behind their backs they don't care about them, but Nicki DOES care about us. (I'm about to tear up lol) And in one of her blogs she says "sometimes all u have are those dreams.... sometimes u feel like ur in the nose bleeds when there's a plan already in motion to get you to the floor seats... put it in God's hands and TRUST. dont u EVER EVER give up. anyway, once again ; thank u guys for promoting and being the sweet bugs i know u to be. i love you guys more than you'll ever know. i pray for u guys. (not the fake shit ppl say when they have nthng to say.) i really do pray for u guys. i know how it is to be young and feel alone and afraid. be strong barbz. God is with you. Always." I literally cried when she posted this because she actually PRAYS for us when other celebrities- or even family and friends- don't even do that for you. I related to this so much because I am young, I do feel afraid and alone sometimes but she tells us to be STRONG and NOT give up. She gives me strength, courage, and hope and makes me believe that I can still follow my dreams and anything is possible. It's funny how someone you never met can have such a big impact in your life. I never met or talked to Nicki before but I can hear her talk to US and read her blogs/tweets to US. I have a connection with her and her music and it's that love, that bond, that I will always have with her. She is my role model, someone I look up to for advice like a sister. If I'm feeling down or sad I always remember what Nicki says. God 1st. Mom 2nd. School 3rd. I love her, with all of my heart and some people don't understand why I do. She is my everything, she's the reason why I am still going, still pushing, and working hard. (At this point I'm crying lol) But I will always be here no matter what and I will never turn my back on her because I love her too much to hurt her. The point is her words SPEAK to me. And I love her for connecting with her fans because sometimes we need that time with her and sometimes Nicki needs us too. She's getting more famous and her fan base is getting bigger, so the fact that Nicki is always busy but makes time to keep in touch with her fans is very special to me. People that don't understand, don't try to, because if you don't get it now you never will.

This rap industry is like a Basketball game. Each player gets the same opportunity to play. If you played the game but quit or you're old, then you're done. So don't come back years later when another player is winning and try to break them down. See YOU'RE sitting on the bench, you already played and no one wants you back in the game. But NICKI is out on the courts making shots left and right, dunking on you irrelevant hoes. You can sit on the bench and say mean things about her or diss her but it doesn't mean a thing because YOU'RE watching her success and her climb to the top. SHE'S still winning and YOU'RE still sitting on the bench with the other losers that aren't in the game right now. Are you gonna sit on the bench or go out there and play?

Let the games begin.

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