Mon, May 9, 2011 at 3:15 AM


OK Soo. My birthday was May 5th and IM FINALLY 16!!!!!! I had my party May 6th and EVERYBODY except this one special person who I was looking for didnt show up.
But............I didnt let that person ruin my day I HAD SOOO MUCH FUN all my friends were there the lights, the DJ, the gifts , just everything was perfect. I am so happy that I had the best time EVER ! Oh and Im moving to the STATES in June school is almost out on May 30th!ALSO alot of TM act funny towards me. I know you think Im fake and a attention whore but I LOVE NICKI MINAJ i am obsessed with her but anyways ... I will always love Nicki Minaj I hope she goes on her own tour someday. My Ben&Jerrys paycheck is not cutting it for those Femme Fatale tickects. Anyway barbs and kens be safe and dont let these Raggedy Ann's get to ya
Tylar M

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