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This is my moment....

Moment 4 Life (s/o to Londababe123 she inspired me to write)

My first M4L 3/18/11 Buffalo,NY
I slept for only 3 hours then I was up. My bff and I had the day planned.
it was 11:30/12 so I texted Buff (teamminajbuffny) and told her about the email about VIP and being there no later than 5pm. We link up at the hotel, Buff picks us up - we head to the arena (its about 1230) so Buff could pick up her tickets and for us to pick up our VIP passes. We head to the booth and they say "Nothing has been dropped off as of yet".We look at each other confused. So I ask "do you know what time to expect the tickets and VIP Passes?" This fool says "let me check" He proceeds to walk to someone else, Im peekin in the glass and he ask the person in the booth next to him -_- This broad was clueless aswell.
He comes back with the same answer. Then someone from the back office comes up and we state we are here for our Nicki Minaj VIP passes - the lady says "we are still waiting for her team to drop them off.

So the guy tells us the VIP is from 4pm - 7pm and security will excort us to the place of the party. We say ok so do have to be here at 4pm? He said "No, anytime between 4 and 7". So I asked is this when the Meet and Greet will take place? He says "Yes". So we say ok we will return at 5pm.

We all leave Buff drops me and my bff off at the hotel. My bff and I get dressed to go to the Zoo. We get to the zoo at 2 we check out all the lil animals this hungry ass tiger and lazy ass lions. I saw a real reindeer i was thrilled. Anywho, we leave the zoo get back to the hotel and its 4pm. Im getting excited singing all Pink Friday Songs going thee fuck awf.
Im in the shower singing. I was putting on lotion singing. I couldnt keep my little ass still.

So we are dressed I looked in the mirror and said "this shirt is flawless" and left out the room. We go downstairs and wait for Buff because its 5. And time is slowly ticking away. Amy called "Ummm, (insert real name here) where are you?!" I said "Im running late Im on my way my hotel is down the street." Amy,"Ok, Im just making sure you get here" Me, "ok"
Still waiting for buff and its now 5:45. So I call Buff and she said she was stuck in traffic. I was like cool I'll just meet you there.
I run outside to flag down a taxi - at this very moment these other 2 chics (dressed in GOd knows what) starts walking towards the taxi. I was like oh hell no bitches I put pep in my step and beat them to the taxi. They mumbled "that bitch" I said "its barbie bitch" smiled and got in the taxi with my bff.

I kept looking at my phone and was like if i miss my fuckin meet and greet NOBODY will see a concert. We arrive at the arena and the driver says the fare was $5. I looked in my pocket and was like well do you have change? She was like for what? I said a 20. She said "no". I was like bitchhhhhhh. How are you a damn taxi driver and have NO change. She was like well let me see if the driver behind me has change. The whole time im looking at the doors to the arena and lookn and my phone checking the time. Amy calls again! Shes like "are you sure youre coming" Im like yes Im outside the taxi doesnt have change. Amy "nicki wants to make sure youre on ur way". At this point Im like oh shit! Im going to miss my M&G!
I being to panic. I ask strangers and policeofficers for change for a 20. Some chic said "I have it" She gave me 2 $10 bills. I signaled for the driver to come back said "here" She said i dont have change for a 10! I said "you know what if I miss my m&g fuckin round with your no fare having ass we WILL have problems." I looked at my phone its now 6:15 I said look here you can keep the fuckn $5. I dont have time to deal with these common folk issues" We got out the taxi.

We walk in the arena. Security "Excuse me mam where are you going". Me, "to the fuckin concert" Security "well you need to be searched" I said " can u make it quick Im here for Nicki Minaj meet and greet" Security (signals for another security guard) Im like man WTF. Why is he coming over here. The new security guard "why do you have these things (points to the gifts for Nicki)" I said "They are gifts for Nicki" Security, "we are going to have to check this out" Me, "You can check it but you damn sure cant take it!"

They search everything then they finally let us threw. Only to be stopped at the next entrance for the ticket. I pulled out the tickets they scanned them and let us through. I go to Will Call. By this time its 6:30 I WAS PISSED!

Im like its only 30 mins left if I miss Nicki I will cry. My bff is like calm down. In Will Call I let them know Im here for my VIP passes Nicki Team has been calling me. They act like they dont know WTF Im talking about. I said Im here for the Meet and Greet and we need our passes.

The lady is like let me check the back. She takes our I.D.'s and I swear this was the longest 5 minutes of my life. She comes back with the I.D's and passes. She tells us where the party is. WE RUSH to the escalator.We go up.....Get to the room and ....... NO ONE IS FUCKIN THERE!

I asked the lady standing at the door where was everyone. She said oh, everything is over! I said YOU ARE FUCKIN KIDDING ME! She said no everyting ended at 6. I gave her this evil eye. (i know it wasnt her fault but she was about to feel my raft)
I said what do you mean everything ended at 6. (with a pause in between each word). I was told it was over at 7pm by the persons at the ticket booth. She said nope everything ended about an hr ago. I said so i missed the meet and greet. just fuckin great!

The lady said oh no you didnt miss that - this was the pre-party with the food. I said so i missed the food i paid for just fucking great! do you know what time the M&G is. She said she had no clue. I said just fuckin great no one here knows anything.

I had floor seats so we walked downstairs at this point Im pissed. I honestly didnt want to see the show. As Im walking I see this guy with a yellow jacket with big black letters that said SECURITY! I walked over and asked "do you by any chance know what time the meet and greet is" He said for who? I said umm Nicki Minaj she is the only doing meet and greets. He said 8pm. I smiled and said thank you.

People saw my VIP badge they were asking where did i get it what was it for? I said ... V.I.P duh..So i sit through that god awful white rocker chics performance.(she did thee fuckin most) Then i sat during Travis Barker.. I was not here for all that bullshit. I kept checking my phone. During this time Im trying to find Buff..I tried calling but the service in there sucked monkey balls on a hot summer day. Finally, I looked at my phone it said 7:50. I grabbed my gifts and my bff and said its time to go to m&g. I see Buff her sis and NY in the line. They open the doors and let us enter in this room.
Amy gave the run down of the rules. The people were complaining it was taking to long for Nicki.

Buff and I were like you dont rush the queen. You will WAIT! If you knew Nicki you wouldve known she is always late. Im showing TM the M4L storybook. and these CF come creeping over my shoulder like OMG wow you made this. This is awesome. Nicki will love it. She will like totally follow you on twitter. I said with the most annoyed tone she already does. They said omg so like u guys are like fuckin bffs. I was like umm..

then there was this random chic who started talkin to Buff saying she followed her and she saw Nicki RT her. Buff was like "dats wassup". I was fuckin DEAD!

Time goes by the door opens and its SB. They played Did it On'em and Team Minaj Wild Thee Fuck out!!! I called SB and said "put ya #2's in the air if you did it on'em" he puttem up and was like Shittd on'em! Then Nicki and the crew came in..Team Minaj didnt yell NICKI - the CFs did *rolls eyes* We said hey to T, SB,Martin, Day, and one of the Vaks that was there.

We went to the back of the line and talked to them until it was our turn to meet Nicki. We took pics with SB. They all were like what is that in the ur hand. I said a book for Nicki. They looked at it and said it was well done.

It was our turn to meet Nicki. We said "we are team minaj" She had the biggest smile on her face. She said "Im glad some of you decided to come" Everyone said who they were. She gave me a hug then said which page are you i said Tomboi_Barbie she did the biggest gasp. Smile Then hugged me again so tight. And so OMGGGGG that is you and she kept smiling. She said lets take the picture first. So after the pic she said do you guys have things for me to sign we handed her our CD's and I gave her my V Mag and Out Mags. Then she signed boobs. I said Well Nick I dont have any titties. Day, T, SB, and Nick thought that was soo hilarious.. I was like no really I dont. She said well Tomboi i can sign your shirt.

She said I freakn love you guys! Then we had to leave and I said yo nick she said yes tomboi i said "all these bitches is ya sons!" she did her laugh and said belee dat.

Oh, yeah it was this girl who won the Nick Minaj look a like contest (she looked nothing like Nicki) and all she did was fuckin cry. She said she wanted tobe a singer and tried to sing M4L she sound HORRIBLEEEE. Everyone was like ummmmm noooo. OOooo and this gay guy shut this one white chic DOWNEEE. Because she was complaining about them playin Pink Friday. she said we heard the cd like 1000 times... Before any of Team Minaj could tell that bitch to deal. the gay guy said "we will listen 1000 more. we'd rather not here you."

Extra facts: there were about 6 fights before Wayne got on stage. And a shooting in the bathroom. Needless to say, I will not attend shit else in Buffalo.

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