Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 10:58 PM

Questions I would Ask

These are some of the Questions I want to ask Nicki:

1. Will there be a Pink Friday Re-Release? If so, will any additional songs be added?

2. Will "My Time Now" be on DVD with extra studio footage?

3.Both Thanksgiving and Christmas Concerts DVD when?

4. Pink 4Friday did well (in sales) will you have your own signature collection with MAC? (like Lady GAGA has Viva La Bam)

5. Everytime you do an interview you stroke the right side of your hair - is it a habit or does it mean something?

6. I know in the near future you wish to star in movies, would you like to produce movies as well?

7.Would you start your own non-profit? If so, what would it be?

8.6'7' Remix when??

9. How many songs on Pink Friday will have official remixes?

10. TOUR DATES -when will they drop??

11. Would you do a R&B album since you said those types of songs come to you easy?

12. The Chrisette Michelle feature is it in the near future?

13. What do you want our legacy to be?

14. What is your absolute favorite song to perform off Pink Friday?

15. Will there be any items i.e. Shirts that say "Team Minaj" for sale?

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