Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 7:43 PM

The Poem "Pink"

Many of us were first time listeners of the poem "Pink" last night by Simple Kat (@prettysimplekat) and we felt liberated to say the least.
This woman’s lyrically content is out of this world. I say lyrical because her metaphors would slay the mind of common folk - but enhance the mind of an intellectual.
This poem embodied everything we (team minaj) have been trying to convey to the people. If you haven’t heard it its a must listen check out my homie daniibethebiiz mpf page to hear the poem..
It will give you life = beyond life like octomom LIFE!!!!
We had a small discussion on whether we think people would be more open to nicki after hearing such a motivating piece.
My opinion the answer is no! People will continue to "drag" her name through the dirt no matter how real she keeps it or how much she donates to charity.
Society is quick to judge what they do not understand therefore they will not take the time to learn to understand.

I hope Ms.Kat's poem receives as much exposure as the negative poem said about Nicki...But in the real world it will not - bc who wants to hear good shit now a days?

What are your thoughts on the poem?
Do you think people's views about Nicki will change?

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