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Pictures speak 1000 words
One picture in particular can speak volumes while success sparks fly.
From magazine spreads to promo ads one thing people agree to disagree on
Is she bad? Her pictures are simple with class some with a hint of ass but tasteful indeed.
Many forget those of the 90s one specific woman indeed! With her nipple exposed pussy out and bare!
No clothes a few years later this face has a new nose, but hope No One knows. No questions were sparked or raised about this controversy. I guess its ok for breast to be fondled by a Supreme - but a pat on the ass is a bit extreme. But as new queen from queens arise and wears the crown one woman begs for homage instead of sharing the same ground! Accepting a woman who wears meat but miss uses and abuses the one Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, for!
Looking in the mirror the reflection is bare these gossiping hoes wonder why and where?! Where have they gone why have they left! One hood girl who rhymes likes the guys but looks like you no braids no baggy clothes just genuine and tru. Tru to herself tru to the game maybe u didn’t hear when she said “she could’ve been had fame”
But closed mouths dont get fed
So Onika is eating u rap bitches instead of breaking bread. The only thing getting broken are records.
Most albums ever sold by a female rapper
Still no respect is granted. You'd rather gas up a lemon thats going no where!
As your brain wraps around black friday a date in which all sale prices drop this is merely a forshadow of a flop
So many are quick to judge what they do not understand
But are quick to defend a no good man
When your sisters need support and love to succeed
youd rather bash and abandon her like ur unborn seed
When u understand we as women will never rise
as long as "bitches" are on the rise
So busy worried about ass injections,butt pads,wigs
instead of lyrical content and who's bookin gigs
What does this matter?!
You future female rappers are ignorant of what this business holds
As Nicki develops more as an artist her story unfolds
A picture speaks 1000 words
This is true indeed
as u look as this picture remember the words that part her lips
She is beyond a pink wig, ass, and hips
Pictures speak 1000 words

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    On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 5:20 AM, Tomboi_Barbie said:

    thank u

  2. NeekMinaj avatar

    On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 5:16 AM, NeekMinaj said:

    *snaps fingers* I like it.

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