Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 6:30 PM


I am very happy that Nicki is living her dream. She is becoming more popular by the millisecond. Many people are starting to hear more about her and become fans. She is getting busier and busier. Twitter time is down. Ustream is non-existent. Random calls to radio shows not as much.
Its like I want Nicki to be the biggest female rapper turned mogul ever, but I also want our Nicki.

Our Nicki that could talk to us because no one was paying what she said or did any attention.
Our Nicki that could call into team radio shows and just feel at ease.
Our Nicki who could tweet without the whole world watching.
Our Nicki who didnt have to wonder if you are a friend or a foe.
Our Nicki who just likes to hear our voices to make her smile and let her know everything will be ok.
Our Nicki who knows that Team Minaj is here!
Our Nicki who doesnt have to spend time being sad but full of life.

But in-order for Nicki to be the mogul she is on the road to becoming we have to share her with the common folk. Each time there is something negative said about Nicki or her team we should be there. Not to address the negativity but to spread love to Nicki,SB,T,James,and Day(even though she doesn't have a twitter)

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