Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 6:39 PM

Team Minaj Please...

Things Team Minaj must stop

1. the constant arguments with each other - the same people argue every damn day! its pointless, childish, and stupid. Simply unfollow them and keep it moving. We are NOT here for arguments.

2. the constant arguments with "fans" - its getting old. stop going back and forth every other day with other artists fans about who is better. We all know Nicki Wins. They know that as well that is why they're upset.

3. posting rumors - everyone knows anything on MTO is a damn lie. stop posting and retweeting things that are on the site. don't read it if you cant handle negative talk or lies. we all know that is what that site is full of.

4. the lil kim drama - please do not spend your whole day tweeting her and her fans. it makes you look stupid. just as stupid as them. you are giving them the attention they want. its not funny nor is it entertaining.

5. begging for follows - JUST STOP!

6. keep quiet - when Nicki tweets "mpf" or other things that only TEAM MINAJ knows what it means - do not go explaining what it means. she tweeted in code for a damn reason. if you call yourself "team minaj" and do not understand what the code means then you're not team minaj.

7. trending topics - from time to time nicki will tweet # followed by something - it means make it a TT. she said it before.

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