Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 3:41 PM


Everyone seems to be upset at the M&G package because the photo is a group picture.

With Nicki's VIP packages there is a pre-party with the food and drinks. You will get a VIP T-shirt and just have fun this is usually before the show ours was scheduled from 4:30-6:00pm. The meet and greet was at 8pm. DURING THE CONCERT!! MOST LIKELY DURING RICK ROSS SET!! So there is really no time for everyone to have individual pictures. My group was the last group in the meet and greet and when we returned to our seats Lil Wayne hit the stage like 5 mins later.

So for those of you complaining about the damn package its not that bad.

I purchased Lil Waynes VIP for 250 and I still havent received my Poster,tshirt and hat. (Though I only purchased for the good floor seats its the fact of the matter)

When you think about being upset or pissed because of a group pic please remember that many ppl purchased Lil Waynes VIP for the same price and you do not get anything the day of the concert.

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