Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 7:56 PM


OK, this is getting out of hand.. common man. Yes we are all Barbie dolls i get that but common I don't need to see tons of Nicki Minaj users??
Their is only one Nicki Minaj and that's harajuku barbie!! :-) LOVE YOU BTW!!

Kinda new to this whole blogging thing, my friends say i look like a blogger but that's only because im always on my laptop but not really blogging. This being my first blog, i don't really want to type much but sooner or later I know I will be super addicted to blogging.. lol

Currently im watching Jersey Shore- who isn't- and I must say Snooki is quite the character but I love that girl.

I would be super syked if I saw like 10 comments on this blog considering the fact that this is my first blog! :-)

signed Tracey.

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