Fri, May 13, 2011 at 7:13 PM

Dear "Friend"

I wish I could tell you this in person, but every time I try you brush me off as if im not saying the truth. I have no other way of expressing myself and now I have to even write a blog about you. No, it ain't bitching, just being real. You ask me ALL THE TIME what i think about you,but your sensitivity is to precious to be hurt. Well here it goes:

1. You always want attention- you and I now it so why lie?? Your always asking the boys if you butt has grown bigger ever since you stopped starving yourself. Are you an idiot?? You starved yourself because you were testing your "boyfriend" if he will still "love" you when your skinny!!? I told you from the beginning to stop and yet you continued. You resemble a toothpick and yet you make fun of your other skinny lady friend. At least she looks good skinny, YOU DON'T. After you finished swimming you asked me how you did, I told you you did fine as I was handing you your towel. You didn't want it, you left it with me as you went to bounce your boobs to my ex boyfriend. I ignored, I always knew you wanted attention i just didn't realize you wanted it that badly. Damn, I just realized this might be long, but at least the next time I see you I won't have the urge to tell you all this.

2. You think your in "love"- you tell me all the time how much you "love" you violent, tempered, cheating boyfriend. He might not be cheating on you, but Im sure his thinking about it. You lost your VIRGINITY to HIM of all people!|!?? I'd rather use a dildo if I was given the option. His beyond words that i can describe. He beat you at your house and he'll do it again! I beg you to leave him because you deserve better, but your too infatuated to even try. He played you in the beginning countless times. You showed up in school crying just because of him. You promised me you won't go back to him but one year later your still with the bustard. Moving on from if theirs your play toy in school, your always over the horny bustard. Begging him not to touch you, but you know you like it, he does too. It disturbs me soo much when your around him. The girls in the other girls bitch about you and you know it and yet you don't give a damn. I think you should! They have a reason to bitch! I would too but i choose not to. Your boyfriend is the same person who's getting you to weed and cigarettes. When he dumps your sorry boring ass behind, what will you do? CRY? REGRET?? I will simply smile and tell you I told you so.

I wish you all the best when you spend 24/7 with him instead of studying in your exams. He wants you for sex, you call him dick when he doesn't kiss up to your ass, im truly sorry for you.
IN CONCLUSION- STOP BEING STUPID AND look back and realize the things you do are far beyond foolish.

Yeah i didn't curse, im learning to stop slowly and slowly.

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