Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 11:07 PM

My Letter to Nicki

NICKI! PLEASE READ THIS! I as well as the rest of TeamMinaj are completely and Whole heatedly devasted that you're hurting! We know the way we treat you is often selfish but I hope by reading this you can forgive us. My Birthday was yesterday and the ONLY thing I wished for was that My Family + You be happy & peaceful. But then I realized I made the same wish twice because YOU ARE FAMILY. Since you've been gone TeamMinaj has not broken, we've strengthened. We dropped our petty squabbles & drama because were terrified that you might not be okay. More than anything TeamMinaj is NOT a Team, we are a FAMILY. People think they've gotten to you and made you quit but don't realize they didn't do shit to push you away, it was us and were more sorry than you know. STOP lying to yourself, you're NOT winning. You've WON. Family fights for Family, were behind 1,000,000,000,000,000% with our arms open. Everyone bashes you and us because they're insecure about their team but we have you and you FOREVER have us PLEASE, don't quit on behalf of our stupid mistakes. Get Better, Take Time & Come Back within 30 Days *Side Eyes You if You have to make an all NEW twitter* Sorry this is SOO long :P But you KNOW we need you and you NEED us. You're like a SISTER to me. I Love you Sis :P

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