Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 2:42 PM

This is getting OLD!!

As @#2Barbie says...its time for a DOLLHOUSE-MEETING...
*roman comes out a door and sits at the big table*
*roman looks at all the barbz in the room*
I know that you all are growing very tired of these krimlins...
TRUST ME! I know how you feel...Its as if they AREN'T repping lil kim, but making mockeries of themselves making BURN pages!
I am their sole target for some reason? They ALL seem to find ME...I smell that the person behind these pages are linked to one person...THEY ALL know me...weird isn't it?
And in the past we had a HORRIBLE krimlin on here by the name of "LIL KIMMY"...This tells me that all these people i meant KRIMLINS are linked somehow to lil kimmy...I think its HER no I KNOW ITS HER!!! It has to be!
She is OBVIOUSLY mad her first page was EXECUTED and she made a bunch to back it up...barbz the evidence is obvious to me -__-"
they type the same, they ALL hate ME!
Hmmmm *bitchy look*
The problem is barbz they are what i call HARD-HEADED and they fail to realize when I DONT GIVE A FUCK!
It's a shame because ONCE we delete them...they come back...Do they know how lame that is? That makes ME lose interest in them -__-"
which has been lost ever since kimmy got deleted...ANYHOO!
Barbz...Nod your heads if this is getting old *I KNOD MY HEAD FAST AS FXCK* If so...I feel that its time for us to leave them alone and IGNORE THEM! barbz...Roman feels that starting the movement wont work anymore...but instead here is a stronger force...HELP a barb out if you see that a krimlin is bothering them...AND BY HELP I MEAN help her or him STOP talking to them -__-" why?
Because IM SORRY but they are BOTH lame for fighting...ME TOO BARBZ I KNOW...but still on some real shit...Its boring going back and forth with them...all they do is TYPE and say BITCH or PUNTA or some STUPID word at the end to try and intimidate us...well its not working...THIS IS WHAT I DO BARBZ! A kim fan by the name of DOLLFACEBARBIE if you heard of him...he said this...haters who approach you have something missing in their lives that YOU have and that THEY desire...and WE barbz know what they are missing...the TRUE love and spirit of POSITIVITY that LIL KIM cannot provide to THEM! Thats what i figured out...they DESIRE the love...and MISERY LOVES COMPANY! so therefore they cant be miserable ALONE and must spread hate/envy to the barbz...however...they FAIL to realize that JEALOUSY is a disease, and these bitches looking REAL SICK! ya know wha i meen??? lol
This is what I DO if ya'll wanna know...Give them the LOOK and HEAVO HO...basically...I see you doing your job bitches...ya'll stay below me giving low jabs...cause HATE equals SUCCESS!!! and they are making me VERY successful...Barbz...we all have something in common now...they dont like us...and we dot like them STANK BITCHES EITHER!!!
forget it though...we through with them...oh well...anyways...ignore them...
im done! :/

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