Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 1:04 AM

s/o 2 my haters sorry that u couldnt phase me:)

i love the fact that on twitter We get to interact w/ nicki and other ppl that love Nicki Minaj and Pink Friday 2:) but what i dont like is the negativity that comes with it... Certain team minaj members dont follow back! and they are very rude!One Friday i was doin the FPF thing and i seen that most ppl that didnt fllw me back where frm NY!And what gets me MAD! is that i'm frm NY..So me being the reasonable friendly person that I am i ask the unfollowers whats the problem?or y i didnt get a fllw back and the way these rude ass hoes go about is so disrespectful! I understand nicki can be bossy but shes not disrespectful unless disrespected..feel me?? The reason y most of them act like that is becuz they think they nicki:)like really hoe sit ya lame ass dwn!!! thats y Nicki is going around unfollowin ppl. yall makin her look bad w/ yall rude ass self smdh..finish school and act like a lady...hating ass bitches yall cud unfllw long as nicki didnt i'm good...i just know now what #TeamMinaj member 2 fuk with and which ones not 2:)

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