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Checkout the Meaning of your Eye Color

Did yuh got a special type of eye color, check your color of eye here and find out what it Means..

#1 Grey Eyes: Versatility is a great keyword for this dual. People with grey eyes are very curiosity, ability to share ideas, adaptable,affectionate, kind, warm and charming. They like to be part of the fun and are not entirely comfortable being left out. They are very social
creatures and do not feel fulfilled unless they are experiencing a new challenge.

#2 Amber Eyes: People with amber colored eyes are dependable, patient, musical, practical. Also wise and gentle individuals and are the least
aggressive. They are known for their sensitivity, a flexible attitude and their inner strength.

#3 Black Eyes: Black eyes are somewhat rare, and some may describe them as exceptionally deep brown eyes, rather than truly black. These individuals are highly creative and thoroughly enjoy making things
with their own hands. Also very mysterious and are careful about who they associate with.

#4 Green Eyes: People with green eyes are lovers of everything that is fine and beautiful, they're also independent and courageous and do not hesitate to try new things. They are fun loving and spontaneous people.

#5 Blue Eyes: People with blue eyes are somewhat conservative and exceptionally trustworthy. They are also very loving people with deep feelings for a great many things. They often impress others with their sense of stability and self control. They're also sexy and romantic.

#6 Brown Eyes: People with brown are eager, dynamic, quick, and competitive. They are also said to be innocent and live life with few worries. Their appearance is often associated with youth and vitality.

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