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school and friends are real aggravating

school is a hell whole cant wit for it to be over. Im making googd grades and but still its just so stressing im only in 6th grade and im dong 8th grade work because im in a special program at school. I like the fact that im achieving but its just alot on my plate right now. Dont even get me started on the teachers st my school, they really need to get laid.They give us homework like no tomorrow and its really annoying. Ohh yea and my could think that you are the closest to someone and they talk b.s behind your back like your someone your not.Thats why when nicki says "me against enemes, me agianst friends somehow they both seem to become one" i understand exactly what she means. Thats why i cant trust anyone anymore.

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    Oh hunny, u are adorable and have so much to learn in life, although I'm not saying at all that u are in any way immature, actually I'm sure you are quite the opposite..I remember when I was your age going thru similar dramas at long as u focus on your studies (seems to me u are doing fantastic) at the end of the day that's all that really matters..true friends will be there with u thru hard times & the most amazing times of your life..these friends won't necessarily be your bff's at the moment..I am 26 years old and still learning about what life is about..always keep your mind open and remember this EVERYBODY'S DIFFERENT, what I mean by this is not appearance or race etc. but the way each person thinks, the way each individual might see something as a positive and another could find it the most upsetting or negative thing on earth, I know I'm rambling I suppose what I am trying to say is to maybe test yourself a little and next time you are with your friends, and a topic arises between u guys, before u make your mind up about how u feel have a look at each of your gf's and have a guess how each one could have very different thoughts about the "issue"..Barb I hope u don't think I am doing the whole "I know better coz I'm older" It's just I read ur post and thought I might give u a little friendly advice coz it seems as tho ur gf's may have let u down..One thing u are right about is to TRUST YOURSELF and as all of us Barbz who have been thru our highs & lows KEEP NICKIS TUNES PUMPIN' GIRL! Keep ur head up smile and be who u are.. MWA!!

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