Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 11:50 PM

Gifted??? What Bout Friendz?

I just qraduated from 6th Grade right, nd myhe moma qot diz letter sayin dht Junior High School wants myhee to b n dha qifted class, iiKno itx lik a blessinq or sumthinq, but iiDnt want to try SO HARD nd maintain a C Averaqe, dhtx hard work, Junior High said on the level iiAm iiCudd b n college rite now, im lik OHHHHHHHHHH WOWWWWWWWW!!! Ima hav 9 classes or mo, nd iM only 5 FEET so evrybodii qo b runnin ova myhee n crap!!! OMG! Beinq qifted iz a lotta damn work! But myhe moma friend dht liv upstairs frum uz, she has a son dht qo 2 junior hiqh so he'z (supposily) suppose to watch ova myhee while iM there............. Im so scared nd out of myhe mind, but myhe real fear iz not qoinq 2 b n dha same class as myhe friends from 6th qrade........ Montanna, Jakayla, Vinisha, Samaya, Travalle, Camarri, ND MORE...... Dey waz dha qreatest friendz iiEva had b4, Montanna, Jakayla, Nd Samaya r barbies so we use 2 sinq Nicki Minaj EVERY SINGLE DAY! Vinisha waz the tomboy, she made myhee laugh, nd she made evry thinq FUN! Nd Travalle nd Camarri where the funniest, Travalle always use 2 mess wyht myhee, nd Camarri jus made myhe laugh all the time, no matter what he saii, but evry thinq is funnii 2 myhee anywayz, so...... Ima miss dem peeps...... Nd iiWant all of dem 2 keep dey heads up!!! Barb Out!

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