Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 10:01 AM

Did It On 'Em And Super Bass

OMG! Did It On 'Emgoes hard it's just so raw, now let me see someone top that song! Nicki makes songs after song, and the songs she make are VIC-TORI-OUS! And the next one she makes just gets better than the last, and let me get started on Super Bass, OMG! Super Bass is the jam, I listen everyday, and Did It On 'Em, they're like my THEME SONGS, LMAOO! If Nicki Minaj could be a peace of gum, I'll chew it all day long, that's the only peace I'll chew on it my WHOLE entire life!!! I'll never take it or spit it out!! #TEAMMINAJ FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @BubblesBarbieB

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