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Product Warranty Period Is Generally 2

Choose a style fashion sunglasses, summer many people will go out of fashion with a single product.Many people tend to focus on the appearance of sunglasses, and the role of the sunglasses did not care much about.But did you know that if you wear sunglasses a problem, then the consequences are particularly serious.Here is my long-term purchase some friends who need to wear sunglasses to wear sunglasses with drawn attention to the matter, and I hope you wear sunglasses in the process can be helpful.A high-quality sunglasses are shelf-life.There is generally a good brand of sunglasses such as rayban his shelf life of about five years, and sunglasses in the product warranty period is generally 2-3 years.So if you wear a pair of sunglasses over three years so even sunglasses should replace the surface intact, or likely to cause vision damage.There is not a lens sunglasses on the darker the stronger sunscreen.UV sunglasses main factor of the lens material with the process with the decision of the treated good UV sunglasses, UV can reach 96% to 98% directly.
So light color sunglasses after dark sunglasses with the same treatment also can have a good anti- ultraviolet function.But shades with UV protection although the relationship is not, but the color of the lens shading effect deep point will be better, some visible light absorption intensity will be stronger.But the long-term wear sunglasses too deep color will be easy to produce visual leather.Sunglasses with gray tinted sunglasses is most comfortable wearing them cool sunglasses.Tinted sunglasses can effectively improve the visual fatigue with visual clarity with contrast.After wearing gray sunglasses are sunglasses will not produce the best color to the scene.If you pick the right color sunglasses, the best detection method is to put a mirror sunglasses in the mirror to see his best pupil.
There are blue sunglasses in addition to decorative effect, when the strong vision because it can not filter out the sun harmful blue light, it is not suitable to wear.
Keeping your favorite sunglasses in hand will become a part of precious memory in your life.It is very easy and simple ordering process on the web selection.You order process is easy and intuitive.The shipping cost is cheap.Got a detailed tracking number or shipment confirmation.It arrived quickly and was in great condition.

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