Sat, Dec 24, 2011 at 2:57 AM


I knoee ii had allready wrote somethinq bout #FAKE PPL but some ppl are just so mean like forreal if we really your friend$ then we should not have to fall cause of you ii dnt think so okaii nd just becuz some of your friend$ then rat on you they had no choice we is not qoinq to take your blame so deal with it nd then callinq all of us #FAKE why should we even talk to you like are you #STUPIED : 0 Ohh and then we qot ppl who say lies bout you and tell other ppl and then try to say you said it HELLO ii knoee what came out my mouth so you need to #STFU cause ii dnt qot time for thss kiddinq shit ii have better thinqs to do w/ my life okaii so qo some were dnt be mad at me cuz ii qot friend$ nd ii got something to do with my life nd you dnt so just back off befor you qet hurt so qet your facts straqht some #RS iiqht : (
And then we qot the ppl who say rumors bout you just cuz her or his bf or gf likes you and flirt with you to bad deal with it you keep me away from every person no you can not qot me ii qot ways!!!! feel bad for the people who dnyt stand up for thomslef nd they friend$ are qoinq to try nd qet thom in a fiqht are you kiddinq me dnt do that if you knoee your friends dnt like to be in fights why are you going to do that are you #STUPIED ii feel like fiqhting you cuz you did that im qetinq tired of ppl beinq so #FAKE nd imnot sayinq that every perso is #FAKE nd plzzz stop usinq the world #SWAGG shut up ii qet you can use it for somethings but not for everything just shut up you are so stupid

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