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Chapter 1: Intro To Me, Confusion

I love to write, so I write Fan Fictions sometimes! They're usually about Dricki, because I love them, but I could write about Onikafaree sometime, just ask! Please don't bash! Here's my first one:


"If you love me, here's what I'll do... I'll take care of you." a familiar voice said from outside my tour bus. "Ri?" I exclaimed, excitedly. Robyn opened the door, and hugged. "Hey, Rob. What's goin on?" I asked. "Not much! An intern told me I'd find you here. So... What about you?" she asked, nervously. What was up with her? She looks so jumpy. "You want some tea?" I invited her inside. "Oh, no, thank you. I have to leave soon." she looked around, hinting she was eager to leave. "Oh... Well, thanks for stopping by." I smiled, and she returned it, and waved goodbye. Her red curls and dark sunglasses turned towards the street, and she ran towards it, in a hurry. I wrinkled by eyebrows... What was going on? It seemed like everyone was jumpy these days. Now Robyn, too?

10 minutes later, another knock on the door alerted me. "What do you want?" I growled. I had been trying to go on my Twitter, but it just wasn't letting me. I pulled open the door in frustration. A familiar teenager was on my bus' step. "Hey, Drake! It's Emma, and I just want to know if you could sign this for me so I could do.... things with it!" Emma asked, with tons of pep. It always got annoying, really fast. Emma was a mega fan. Like, try to do things with pictures of me fan. She was at every single one of my concerts. Does she have any parents? I constantly ponder the thought, but I don't have time to, because every hour Emma sends me a "loving" text, or IS POUNDING ON MY TOUR BUS DOOR! "No, you already have tens of millions. Goodbye." I slammed the door, and fell onto my mattress.

Life could be worse, I told myself. I could not have any friends. I could've not been discovered by Cash Money Records. Life could be better, too. I could have a girlfriend, or a wife, some kind of loving relationship, of someone who loves me. And certainly Emma does not count. I tried to get Robyn's or Onika's attention, but it doesn't seem like they're all that interested, anyway. So why keep trying? I might as well die alone, still rapping. They might as well bury me now, with all my "bling".


My faded Trinidad shirt and no makeup felt good, after having so much makeup on the last few days. All it's been is signings, and other events. "Onika!" a familiar voice called. I felt like I should run and hide. After all, I've been having quite the day. I decided I'd just see who it was. "Aubrey?!" I exclaimed-asked. I was pleasantly shocked... He had not come to visit in a while. "It's me." his soft hands caressed my face. I moved his hand away, and gave him a big hug. "So how have you been?" I said, my voice muffled from it being buried in his warm leather jacket. "Good. I've been seeing Kimmy Blanco these days. She looks great, beautiful, you know." he replied, quite seriously. 3 short sesconds passed, and both cracked up. "That's hilarious! But, no, seriously." "Not much, but congrats on your newest album." Aubrey said, smiling. "Oh, thanks... It was great working with you, ya know." I replied, trying to sound cool. Unfortunately it did not work, and Aubrey saw right through my words. We hugged again.

"You look good with no make-up on." he said. I scowled... I didn't think so. Not that makeup made me look pretty. "Robyn came to see me." he said. Finally, he realized I wasn't jumpy. I could see it in his eyes. "Was she nervous?" I asked. He nodded vigorously, eyes wide. "You've noticed everybody?" he asked. "Yes! It's driving me nuts!" I replied, quite impressed. So I wasn't the only one.

Right then, Wayne strolled down. "Hey, Onika!" his eyes lit up. He was blingless, like Audrey. "Man, we gotta go, but dang, NIka, you look great." he said, his voice warming me up. I didn't see Wayne often either, so it was rare when I did. "Bye!" I called.

I played with my hair as I stared into the full-length mirror. My hair was so long now. I studied my face... "Roman, are you inside me?" I asked. A dark voice, similar to my own, replied. "Who did you think it was?" The corners of my mouth lifted. So Roman had returned from his vacation. "Why do you think I can't find love?" I asked roman. "Well, sometimes there just isn't the right person in your life." Roman suggested. "Roman, that's the first piece of non-sarcastic, good advice you've ever given me. "Yeah, well, I'll be on my way. Mom's taking me to get new shoes." And just like that, Roman was gone.

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    Thanks! Chapter 2's about OnikaFaree, of course I listened to you! I'll keep writing, knowing I have fans like you out there, so... Thanks (once again)!

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    On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 1:26 PM, Fernando David Martinez said:

    W.O.W. You Got Power :P I Wanna Read Something About That Person Called "Onikafaree" LOLZ

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