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Chapter 2: The Moves

Chapter 2: The Moves
I got a request for Onikafaree, so I'm just going to incorporate him into the storyline I have right now! I definitely WON'T leave Onikafaree fans out, especially because they're Barbz, too. Just because I'm a Dricki fan doesn't mean I hold a grudge against Onikafaree.


Emma had tried to talk to me again this morning... She was really getting on my nerves. She's only 3 years younger than I am, but she's still an obsessed fan. And the fact that she's hanging with Drake-obsessed teens, too? It makes me shudder.

I opened my tour bus door and sat in the driver's seat. I didn't get to drive, but I always liked sitting there. It was no surprise that nobody was here... I found my journal lying near my bathroom sink & picked it up. It was full of all my rants about the past feuds I've had... with "Rihanna", "Ludacris", "Chris Brown", "Common", and "Charlamagne Tha God". Most of the time they had attacked me for no reason... But it was just drama, and I didn't want to deal with it right now.

I got bored in my bus so I went outside and saw Onika talking with some fans. She was smiling, signing their breasts, hugging them... She looked so happy. I knew inside that she wasn't exactly happy, but I felt like I needed to make her that happy someday. I just knew it. She waved goodbye, and walked inside. I ran to catch up to her. We had to talk. We just... did. And I didn't even know what I wanted to talk about, I just wanted to hear her voice. It was the only thing still keeping me alive these days.


Aubrey couldn't know... He just couldn't know. I giggled to myself... Onika didn't know either. This was perfect, they'd be so shocked. I walked into the warehouse & Darius smiled at me. Was he putting the moves on me? God, I hope not. Chris is waiting for me in Florida, anyway. He sends me a text with my own lyrics every 5 minutes. Oh, there goes another one.

"Where have you been,
all my life?

He could be so cheesy. Before I could walk away, Darius was in front of me. "Hey, Rihanna." he said, dreamily. "It's Robyn." I slowly drew away from him... He wasn't even my type, anyways. Chris was. Well, sort of.

Finally, Mark arrived, handling Onika and Aubrey. I smiled to myself. This was going to get good. He took their blindfolds off, and they gasped. It was an album release party for Onika, and a "Congratulations on Platinum" party for Drake! They hugged, and I felt happy, but not really deep inside.

There was no denying it. I wanted Aubrey. And no one else. Chris was ok, I loved him, but Aubrey was what I wanted, and Aubrey was what I needed. But I constantly see the way Aubrey looks at Onika... It's so special, and it makes me teary-eyed. He looks at her, not only like he's her brother, but that he loves her. Chris never looks at me that way. He always looks at me like he's drunk, because whenever I see him, he rarely isn't. It's disappointing. Maybe I'm bisexual and he doesn't know that, but he could look at me like that once in a while, at least. For now, he's my special friend & he doesn't even know. But he doesn't have to know I don't love him. No, not at all.

ScaffBeezy (SB)

I smiled as Onika unwrapped her presents. The party was great, no denying it. I haven't seen Onika so happy in such a long time. She's been so mad at her stylists lately, but I see why. They ordered tons of black for her, & even I know she hates black. Well, of course I know. I love the woman, not only as a sister, but something more I just couldn't explain. Everyone says I hide my true self behind my hat & sunglasses.... I was beginning to think it was true. No one knows the other soft, sensitive side of me, except maybe my mom. It was kind of sad they didn't know, but no one wants to meet me, they'd rather shake hands with Onika, or whatever. That's fine by me.

Onika broke into a large grin when she saw her face on a plate. Yes, it was her album cover on a special plate! She smiled and hugged Robyn, they were best friends. Robyn would know exactly what she would've wanted. My present's in our tour bus, I didn't really want to give it to her while everyone was here. It was just too... un-private. Maybe I'd find the time another day. Hopefully she doesn't get pissed at me for not bringing her anything... I'd explain later. Besides, she knows I wouldn't forget. Never. Not if it involves the word "Onika". Okay, you can say it. I'm obsessed. Go ahead.

Aubrey walked me back to my tour bus. Where was SB? Oh, whatever, maybe he took a piss or something. "Hey, we need to talk." I turned my head, arching my eyebrows. "Why? What do we need to talk about?" I asked. There wasn't really anything between us, so why did we need to talk? Then I saw right through it. The look in his eyes all the time. It was obvious ; he was definitely putting the moves on me. I sighed. I've gone through this before, with other Underground rappers I met before I signed to Wayne's label. But this was just too much to handle. Aubrey Graham loves Onika Maraj? It didn't seem possible, but maybe, I just... Liked him too.

"So, I was thinking..." "Yes?" I asked, eagerly. "Did you want to go grab some dinner?" he smiled. "Sure." "That's great. How about 5:30? I'll pick you up and we can drive somewhere nice." his tensed shoulders relaxed. "Sounds... Not so great. How about we just grab a burger and you can take me on your back." His eyes widened. "Ha, I'm just kidding! Oh, Aubrey, you were always so gullible. That sounds wonderful, thanks." I pecked him on the cheek, and he blushed, his ears turning bright red. "I'll see you 'round, 'Nika." he said, and jogged in the other direction. My heart thumped. I had a date!

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