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Chapter 3: Too Close


I pulled up to Nicki's tour bus, and I saw her through her bus' windows. She looked like a little girl again, rushing to the door & climbing into the car. Damn, she was gorgeous. She wore a light pink mini dress & my favorite wig of hers... The blonde straight one. We shared a smile, and I drove. "So where are you taking me?" she asked. "Oh, somewhere special... Where the paparazzi can't find us." I replied, trying my best to sound smooth. I felt her look at me with shining eyes & then look out the window. Many people pointed her out, some cussing us out, but she just waved and smiled. And that's when I knew she was too happy to reply back... Which happens rarely.


He blindfolded me before we got there, so I couldn't see where we were. We entered the restaurant, and just like a gentleman, he pulled out a chair for me, and lead me down. I smiled, though I didn't exaclty know where his face was. He finally took off my blindfold. I gasped. "Aubrey..." It was his own home. I smiled and hugged him. He smiled, and clapped his hands twice. "My name is Alberto... I'm your waiter for today." I cracked up... It was Wayne in a waiter's costume, with the red tux and everything. "Today we'll be having Pizza A La Aubrey, and for a drink we'll be having Li'l's Lemonade, or Drake Diet Coke, your choice." Wayne said. I knew he was trying to hard not to laugh, but finally, he cracked up, and Aubrey glared at him. "Come on, Wayne, chop chop! Take the lady's order." Aubrey said, but soon found himself laughing. "Okay, okay, geez. Uhmm... Oh, yeah. What would you like to drink, Ms. Onika?" "Err... I'll have Li'ls Lemonade." I replied. "And I'll have a side of Wayne's Water." Wayne chuckled."And for you, GOOD, GOOD sire?" Aubrey stifled a laugh. "I'll have a Drake Diet Coke, and a Minaj Mojito. Oh, and I'll have some Wayne's Water too." I slapped Aubrey playfully. "And how much do you plan to drink and get wasted? F, I'll have to drive myself home." He grinned cockily and shooed Wayne away.

Finally, our "Pizza A La Aubrey" arrived, but still Aubrey showed no sign of highness. "You're really keeping it down, huh?" I asked him. "Only for you.. I don't really want to be wasted and you having to drive yourself. What kind of gentleman is that?" "Oh.. You know, lots of guys who've dated me before." I replied, and his eyes widened in shock. I nodded. I took a bite of my pizza, and I noticed... An autograph of Wayne's was in the cheese. I laughed, and pointed it out to Aubrey. "What the f... WAYNE, GET IN HERE!" Aubrey yelled, half cracking up. "Really? Really?" "What, it's worth something!" Wayne defensively replied, and swatted Aubrey's face with his towel. "What it takes to make the king happy, sheesh." he muttered, but softly laughing.


Being a waiter was full of laughs, I guess, but I didn't think Aubrey was going to make him do the stinkin' dishes! Honestly, man. Aubrey clapped his hands again, and I sighed... Really?

"What would you like to order?" I called, pinching my nose. Even Aubrey laughed at that. "Dessert, please?" he asked. "Oh, yeah, um, tonight for dessert we have Carter Chocolate Chip Sundaes and Young Money Yogurt." Isaid. "Young Money Yogurt?! For dessert?! EEW! Okay, I'll just have a Carter Chocolate Chip Sundae." Onika replied. "Yeah.. I didn't come up with the yogurt thing. Same for me." Aubrey said, chuckling. "Okayyy.. The sundae comes with an autograph, too." I mumbled, and sauntered off. I could hear them chatting at the dinner table.

"Thanks for the date, Aubrey." Onika said. "Oh, no problem... I just wanted tonight to be special." Aubrey replied. I peered in the doorway, and saw Aubrey leaning for a kiss, but Onika stood up at the last moment. "This is... This is too much for me. Uhm, I'm going home." she said, and walked away, heels clicking.

"No sundaes?" I asked innocently, leaving them on the table. But Aubrey shook is head, and ran out after Onika. She was in the car, checking her Tweets. She looked up, but then returned to Tweeting.


Onika didn't speak to me the whole entire drive back to our tour buses. I could tell she was pretty angry, and hurt, and I knew I shouldn't have tried to kiss her. I know what she's gone through with other guys, and I told myself I would try not to be like them. But in her eyes, I guess I was. Finally, she spoke.

"I like you, Aubrey. I really do." she said. I nodded, with a little bit of joy inside me now. "But I don't want to get too close."

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    On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 11:52 PM, RomansSoldier said:

    Yes, it is! Thanks, so much, I really appreciate it! There are some really good ones on Tumblr, if you want to check them out!

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    is this a fan fiction your working on ? looks good. never read a nicki minaj fan fiction story before.

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