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About Mss.Minaj

I Been waitinqq all my life sumbody like Nicki Minaj, She Is Differnt She is MY First Black,FmaleRapper,Singer She is Serious About her Work I Love Nicki She Knows How To Take Care Of Herself I Love Her. Nicki Minaj Nicki Louqie Nicki Boss Harjarqu Barbee Like She Loves Her Fans I Love Nicki I Dont Love Her As A Sister I Love Her For Whu She Is She is My Barbee Not My Sister Not My Aunt Nun Of My Family Juss My Barbee I Listen too Her Everytyme I see Nicki It Makes me Feel Like I Belong Like Im Differn Than Other Ppl..... I Am Differnt Im Myself Im Not Juss A GirlyGirl Im Me Im Not a Tomboy Im Sumbody Yhu'll Remember In Yhur Life In See How Much I Love Myself I Love Ppl Whu CAre about me Nicki Is My Barbee n Im Not tryinqq to be Mean But I hate when ppl say stuff like Nobody can take her away My opin Whuu Is Goinqq To Take Nicki Minaj Nicki She My Barbee I Feel Like when I hear Nicki Sing,Rapp, and Givaa Speach She makes Me Feel Gudd About Myself Nicki Is Nicki Whuu Ever dont like her Im Sorry Dnnt even talk to me like Nicki Is My Barbee Shee Means Everythang to me. Nicki Minaj is Silly,Serious,Out there.
Nicki Barbee#1

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    On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 1:26 AM, PurplePrincess said:

    Lol Did yhu like my proflie n mu blogs??

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