Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 4:04 AM

Just A Few Things I Love About The Queen.

Onika Maraj is absolutely PERFECT in every way. I Love Her with all my heart and she is my EVERYTHING. Nickis My Mom/Wife/Bestfriend/Mentor/Idol/Inspiration/Motivation/Sister/Sexy Goddess/BEWTHANGG! Heres A Couple Reasons I Am Head Over Heels In Love With You Nicki: 1. She is an extremely talented artist 2. She never lets bullshit get in the way of giving us AMAZING Music. 3. She has lots of respect for herself as well as other artists. 4. Nicki Be Gettin MAD Ratchet (; 5. She is so fucking GORGEOUS with Her Big O Booty! 6. She Spoilz the barbz cuz we her babies lol 7. Nicki has more sales/success/awards than all these bitches put TOGETHER. 8. Nicki Is Hilarious and i love her humor! 9. Her smile makes the world go round! 10. She is CREATIVE & UNIQUE, unlike all these other rap b*tches. 11. She knows life aint about trying to be all cute & thats why she always wants to be herself and play dressup lmaooo. 12. She teaches us to stay in school & have self respect. 13. Nicki Stay On Point! She Constantly WINNING! 14. She brought female rap to life! 15. I am so got damn in love with Her MUSIC! Every Single Song. Perfection Is NICKI MINAJ!!! WORSHIP THE QUEEN & YOU MIGHT COULD PASS! OTM

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