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Nicki Minaj Vs. Lil Kim

By: Vimzer

Everybody knows how there’s beef between nicki and kim. MTV says that rap is a “territorial place for women”, which I see they’re point but started looking up more info on it. It turns out that Kim is only mad at Nicki because Nicki had not paid homage to her as she made it into the rap game. BUT all you need to do is type “Nicki Minaj homeage” in youtube and its right there!! Link below for proof
NEXT - Nicki came into the rap game fighting for all the girls who tried to make it but couldn’t because it was an area pretty much run by men. Her Biggest cause she supports is making sure that all her fans (barbz) stay in school and go and get an education.. she’s also recently teamed up with Ricki Martin and Mac Viva Glam campaign to raise money to fight against HIV/AIDS. Ive never heard of any kind of organization or charity Lil Kim has got herself involved in.

From the Jealousy of Nicki’s success from her first album “Pink Friday” Lil kim puts out an album called “Black Friday as a diss to everything Nicki had done… Nicki’s head is chopped off and kim holding a bloody a bloody sword with blood all over the place for the album cover. Kim has started this whole war with Nicki, making her just look childish and stupid especially since Nicki’s success just continues to grow. Nicki is Diverse within her music, she can rap as well as sing and Kim just cant let it go. In the long run, the more she ends up putting out diss’ and trash talking Nicki, the more her career is gonna fall away.

AND LASTLY - Nicki is just 100x better looking than kim! ;P

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