Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 7:11 PM

[b]Screen Name[/b]

Heheh I just wanted to talk about my screen name, I did it by a complete accident.. Well with the capital n But once I put it, I knew it was the perfect name, for me anyways :) Well, I'm a proud to be one of the barbs, which I thought it would be a cool name "oneofthebarbz" but yaknow someone had the same idea. So I decided well let's do "1ofthebarbz" but I noticed that looked name with the 1 so I was running out of ideas, since that was really the only name I wanted since I thought it was a good one. then I decided to go back to the first choice I went and just add a capital in the middle of the letter one, I then realized it was an N for Nicki! right.. I was completely mind blown by that, and I find even though it just a screen name lol it has a lot of meaning behind it :) or to me it does. AGAIN someone had that too, so I had to settle with two z's but that's alright I still like it. Well thanks to whoever read this LOL, basically just me rambling on about nothing important.. but that's what blogs are suppose to be right? unno I'm just writing in this for my own personal writing, and to get things off my chest :p So again, thanks to the people who take time to read my silly blog hehe :]

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