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My Moment4Life in Atlanta PF-Tour July 22,2012

Yeah so I'm just now getting around to posting this but anyway....

As I was waiting I was talking to other TM and that Tubby/Chubby man and SB walked in and I was like so next time right? (pointing to his chain) and he was like you know what I gotchu wheres my case? And he got his other chain out and I took a couple pictures with it and stuff. Then I got closer to seeing Nicki and Joyce was sitting in a chair and I was like you're really cute pregnant. And she was like thanks! You're cute too! Then I started fixing my hair cause it was almost my turn and the security man was like your hair is fine in this gruff voice but he was smiling. And I was like it's a nervous habit I can't help it and he just laughed(now watch my hair be messed up in that pic). Then Candace went in and I think I started talking to Terrence here and I started wringing my hands and he was like open your hands and I did and he was like ok. Then Candace came out smiling and was like "I blinked and had to do my pic again" and Terrence was like dont blink! And I was like ok and was smiling as I walked into where Nic was waiting right and she like looked me dead in the face my smile left so quick and I had to look away and was like OMG!(in my head I was like what have I gotten myself into) And i heard her giggle And then I was like Hiiiii Nickiiii!! And she opened her arms and was like "come give me a hug!" so I'm pretty sure i did some kinda weird happy skip thing into her arms and hugged her like she's sooooo freaking pretty in person and she's sooooo soft and smells sooooo good! Then I was like do you know who I am? While still kinda hugging and she was like "what's your twitter name" and I was like TeamMinajIrmo I'm the one who guess stupid hoes right! And she waslike *question mark face* and I was like when you tweeted the initials SH a-- then she was like *big smile* "OMG that was you!? That was aamazing!!" *pulls me into a hug and takes our picture(I think. I honestly can't remember if I took a pic or not but I think I did here)* Then she was like "did you enjoy the show?" and I was like YES CAUSE YOU'RE FREAKING AMAZING! Didyou enjoy yourself? And she was like "no" *pouts* Lmfaooo and I was like whyyy you were amazing and she was like "well thank you for the supportyou guys where amazing" and I was like cause we're awesome! And she rolled her eyes and laughed then SB came in and I was like he was supposed to be in my picture and she was like *side eye* "psh I gotta go" and I was like okayyyyy *sad face and looks away dramatically* and she was like "but you're beautiful!" And I was like thank you *smiles mad big* so are you!! *she smiles* And as I was about to walk away I remembered something and I was like OH! *mugs* and you DM'd me once and said you would come back to SC *stank face* and she was like *uh oh face* "I'm working on coming back" and I was like mmmhm and she was like "don't come for me tonight! Don't come for me!" And I was like why? Why? And she was like *giggles*"I can't!" then she looked back at me and was like "I'll come back to SC babe" and I was like but I'm going to college now I won't be in SC anymore and she was like "congrats on college! you'll have to find me then!"and I was like no youll have to come to NC now and she laughed and I was like ok I love you Nicki! Don't forget me Amber TeamMinajIrmo ok! And she gave me another hug and was like "I'll NEVER forget you babe!" Then I said bye to Terrence and SB and I left. THEN I had a breakdown outside while telling my mom about it. BEST NIGHT EVER! (And I really hope Grizzle wasnt in there recording my moment and I could not remember if I took a pic with Nicki or not to save the life of me)

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