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Welcome to My Page Barbz My goal is too meet a lot of Barbz and Kenz and bulid long lasting Friendships since when i was going through school none of my friends were barbz or Kenz they just either "Liked" Nicki or didn't like her at all and would take shit about her music like when she Preformed Roman Holiday they said that the song was wack when it's not at all i loved the preformance and Prefer that Version over the album Version since we get to Hear Roman and Martha in it along with Nicki and they bring the song together and the Album Version of Roman Holiday is good too and PFRR is my Favorite album between Pink Friday which is a Masterpiece on it's Own i'm self concious with my Pictures so i will NOT be posting any personal pictures of myself unless in a Private message i hope you all enjoy my page and i'm looking forward to meeting alot of you on Here or in Person if you're close enough *Hugs* to all Of You Lovely Barbz and Kenz

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