Sex Game KINKY Niggas' Call Me PINKY , Fuck The President ; I am Nicki Lewinskii

Ima MotherFucking MONSTAA !
-Pinky :)
All pink everythingg !

nicki she just mad cause you tookk the spot, word that bitch mad i took the spot? well bitch if you aint shittin then get off your pot, got some niggas out in brooklyn that'll owf ya top
- Roman Zolanskii ; Grr



Call me dracula cuz all I do is count chips
ya money Minnie I aint talkin bout da Mouse trick
These girlz runnin like I jus threw da bouquet
they know I’m Headed 2 da Top like a 2pay
Now all da bums is wonderin where I beez at
if u aint a barbie its none of ya freaking beezwax
These little rappaz I could see dem in my dash cam
I know they grouchy like oscar up out da trash can
i’m on stage you can sit in da crowd
i b up in leer jets make a left at da cloud
think she need da heimlich she da chokin kind
she gets no burn no smokin sign
Metaphor heaven
so they approve nicki like my credit score seven
mac’n'cheez six, fry chicken da guts
& I’m killin deze btches Mike Vickin it up

another Badd Bitch ! Bey


OMG Drizzy !! ahhaa


Some Backk In Dhaa Day Shit

Beef Stew by Nariah(;

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    Looove your pagee ! it's blazin';)

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    thanks for the add barb :-)

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    Hey Barbz!!! hope u'z had a gd week..&..weekend hope u'z barbz!! ave a gd xmas to just showin some luv x_?

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    Thanks for the add barb. Im loving your pic..i wish i could get the pink friday lipstick but every time i try to get it, it's sold out.

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    I will darling! And I LOVE your videos on youtube! I always watch them! :)

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    I LOVE your page! Thanks for the add barb. Xx :)

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    Love your page!! xoxox

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